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~ Crumbling Kingdom of Desire ~

| Location – Judas Studios Headquarters (now abandoned) in New York City, USA.

| Coffin Design – A coffin that is almost completely covered with various posters, advertisements and graffiti; the original design of the coffin seems to be lost under these outdated signs.

| Characters found here –
- Rocky Fratelli
- Elton Greenfield
- Cooper

| Description – The fight takes place on top of a large chunk of the building. Judas Studios was a film-making company that had all the best actors, all the best equipment and all the rage in the cinema industry. However, their success was not obtained by any means virtuous. In order to get all the money they wanted, all the critics bribed, manipulated or outright brainwashed and to eliminate any competitors, Judas Studios hired numerous criminal gangs of both Earth and Makai. On top of that the founder and CEO had numerous innocent people tortured and killed as a sacrifice to a powerful darkstalker that could get them what they wanted. Years went by and nobody suspected a thing, even with the ever-growing popularity of what started as a B-movie trash heap. That is until after having devoured so many souls without truly earning them, the darkstalker that Judas Corps had struck a deal with became sickened with herself; once a mighty and noble warrior, she succumbed to her greed and was now full of only regret and shame. As atonement, the darkstalker not only exposed the heinous actions of Judas Corps, but also placed a curse on all the ones who committed them to be warped and crushed under their own greed; she finally sealed herself in a volcano to live in pain for a century. The twisted greed, lust and envy was so abundant that the headquarters itself broke apart and now exists only as a floating sea of massive pieces. The piece where the fight takes place is on the outside of several floors in the middle. The large and once flashy and active sign that has the name and logo of the company has split into two and can be seen floating besides other sections filled with floors. The inside of one of the sections can be seen, and is the central meeting room where all the biggest ideas were formulated and all the best parties thrown. The corpses of the leaders can be seen still on their chairs despite the section being sideways; all of them have a gnarled spike impaling them through the mouth and out the back of their skull. When the fight is over, the two pieces of the sign reform into one and once again flashes brightly as it once did, while the corpses of the leaders start shuffling while their eyes glow a blood red.

~ Max Impact Move ~

| Location – Jet Barrel Tavern in Mexico.

| Coffin Design – A black-painted coffin made from the same material used for making bullets, and a silver adornment of a skeleton with two revolvers crossed over and cigarette in its mouth.

| Characters found here –
- Baby Bonnie Hood/Bulleta
- Dante
- Viola West

| Description – The fight takes place in the middle of the tavern. Jet Barrel Tavern comes off as any regular tavern at first glance, but the truth is that it is actually a secret, not exactly legal hideout and forum for darkhunters. There are many hidden rooms where advanced weapons and equipment can be sold, information on wanted darkstalkers and discussions between small groups planning attacks and establishments believed to be infested with them. While a few of them claim that there is no such thing as a good darkstalker and that there’s no amorality in killing them for profit, a lot of them have hearts that are just wicked if not more so than most of the darkstalkers they hunt. It is unknown what it is, but they seem to be completely unaware of the fight going on near the bar. There’s a clearing that patrons take care to avoid, but for whatever reason won’t pay too much attention if high reward bounties are right there. The bar has many buff and tattooed darkhunters sitting on stools, drinking, chatting amongst each other or passed out. The bartender is cold and expression, not caring for the customers and merely serving drinks; of course she does occasionally decide to show off by juggling drinks while mixing them or catching alcohol in mid-air with one glass. To the far right is a group of people gathered around to watch two buff men arm-wrestling, their bodies full of scars and tattoos. To the far left is a pool table with a few people playing it, making impressive shots that are almost mesmerizing in their movements. When the fight is over, one drunkard at the bar will blindly punch the person next to him in the face, prompting a gigantic bar fight where anything goes; the bartender continues her job as usual.

~ The Road that Divides ~

| Location – Quarantined school area in Russia.

| Coffin Design – This ‘coffin’ is actually more like a time capsule that schools keep buried for a certain number of years before uncovering; this one however is in even worse condition and has quarantine tape wrapped around it.

| Characters found here –
- Victor von Gerdenheim
- Alma Liddell
- Archie

| Description – The fight takes place just outside the schoolyard. The primary school can be seen in clear view, and it is certainly not a place I would send my hypothetical kids to. The majority of the windows are busted, a good portion of the roof tiles are smashed or gone and there’s big hole out the left side of the front. Reasonably, the building is wrapped with yellow warning tape and is now behind a large barbed-wire fence. Surrounding the fence is a couple of armed soldiers, their faces hidden behind headgear that is like a cross between a soldier’s helmet, a hoodie, a gas mask and pilot’s mask; certainly not the most inviting, though of course that’s the whole point. They are dressed in uniforms that are both lightweight yet effective armour and shock-absorbent, and they are equipped with the most advanced rifles their military can provide; of course they’re gonna need all they’ve got if they’re going to survive. While a group of them are bordering the fence to the school, another group can be seen keeping a close eye on a group of young children near a large tree and on the fighters. All the children look anything but normal. The looks they have in their eyes are empty, distant and not something you would ever hope to see from a child. They all bear expressionless faces, although they still occupy themselves with activities such as drawing pictures with crayons, playing pat-a-cake and throwing a bouncy ball amongst each other. Only the soldiers and the organization they work for know who and what they truly are, or at least that’s how they want or need it to stay. In a far corner out of the sight of soldiers are large, dark hairy beings that from where the fighters are standing look like silhouettes, with only their bright white eyes, pointed-up ears and long slender arms and hands making them distinguishable. They watch the soldiers and children and occasionally exchange looks at each other as though they are questioning amongst themselves what is going on. When the fight is over, the children reveal themselves for what they truly are. They begin to float in the air via supernatural powers as an unnatural wind accompanies them. A few of them reach out with their hands while a few of the soldiers watching them immediately start firing, with the bullets stopping in mid-air being a clear indication of how screwed they really are. The others are nowhere near as lucky; one of them is held up and strangled by an invisible force, another is having their limbs and spine twisted back and one of them has become an unrecognizable stain on the path leading to the school. The school itself now has a sound coming from it that sounds like an organism that shouldn’t exist on Earth, quickly gaining the attention of the guards surrounding it and scaring off the mysterious creatures.

~ Savage Under ~

| Location – Ancient ice cavern approximately 20,000 feet below the surface in Antarctica.

| Coffin Design – This is not much of coffin either, rather just a large slab of ice which seems to have water inside, judging by the dark creatures swimming around inside.

| Characters found here –
- Sasquatch
- Alrik
- Ruby Heart

| Description – The fight takes place in a large cavern. The place is almost completely untouched from those that came from the surface, the ‘almost’ in question being of course, the fighters. The ice that makes up the walls, floor and ceiling is lit up by an ethereal glowing blue light, the source coming from the eye of a creature above the ice ceiling; its form cannot be seen in the darkness of the deep waters that surround the cavern. Half-buried in the ice can be seen the partially-preserved remains of several prehistoric life forms. Gigantic predators with rows of jagged teeth that could make great white sharks lose control of their bowels, ancient crustaceans and molluscs decorating the walls and what can only be defined as the thing that mankind would interpret as ‘The Kraken’; a colossal cephalopod with dozens of barbed tentacles and various glowing appendages. Alongside these terrestrial corpses are beings that are evidently from Makai. The otherworldly corpses are much more abstract in appearance, with some of them having disturbingly human features such as noses and ears positioned on their bodies in ways that are truly surreal; their remains being in what was once a long undisturbed area is clear evidence that Earth and Makai have been linked to each other since Earth’s earliest days. On the outside of the cavern in the dark depths you may be lucky enough to catch glimpses of deep-sea creatures from both worlds that would otherwise only be found in such depths as the abyssal or hadal zones. Deep sea anglerfish, gargantuan jellyfish, massive nautilus, monstrous squids, eels and various other bioluminescent and large-fanged can be seen in competition with the deep-dwelling denizens of Makai: some of which could possibly be the long-lost ancestors of some races such as merfolk or maybe even vampires. On the outer surface of the cavern other organisms such as long, ten-legged crabs, tube worms and sharp-mouthed parasites walk along, finding scraps of decomposed predators to consume. When the fight is over, the Kraken reveals itself to be alive by opening it’s many eyes before lifting its many tentacles and thrashing about, destroying the bodies of other denizens and creating cracks along the inside of the cavern; the creature that had illuminated the area flees in fear alongside many other animals, leaving the only source of light to be the dim, magenta eyes of the ancient titan.

~ Venom Dripping Veins ~

| Location – Demonically-transformed tropical rainforest in Madagascar.

| Coffin Design – A makeshift coffin carved from a large tree that still has bark and plenty of living things still crawling around all over it.

| Characters found here –
- Q-Bee
- Spida
- Kelly Matilda

| Description – The fight takes place in an open clearing of the forest. This area can best be compared to a poison dart frog: colourful, interesting and rather nice to look at, but also ridiculously dangerous.  It was not always this way however, in fact it was only fifty-four years ago that it started to turn into the vicious war zone for fauna and flora it is now. There was once a mighty devil being that had visited Earth, curious as to what it may find there. Though it explored many places it found it to be mostly boring, disliking the organized and stratified forms of human cities; it was about to leave after its last stop, which would incidentally enough be the one to change its mind. The rainforest it had found in Madagascar was so different to everything the demon explorer had witnessed, and had found the landscape, the wildlife and all of the natural cycles that took place to be a beautiful testament to the idea of living freely, being unbound and true to ones nature. It had reached the point where the darkstalker had legitimately fallen in love with the rainforest; taking it a step even further, it had decided to make love with it. Somehow, it succeeded in doing so, as evident by the growths and mutations that would later turn this natural biome into a supernatural one. The creatures native here have turned into surreal versions of themselves, living amongst trees and flowers that have become sentient and ever dancing. Lemurs have now become decorated in dark cool colours, become as big as humans and wield warped staves made from the mutated wood, dancing about and getting excited about the fight. The nocturnal predators known as fossa stalk the area in pairs, their skin of their faces now stretched over their heads revealing the inside and now possessing six legs and a split tail. Huge chameleons appear from thin air, and they now have a more intimidating form with their larger horns and spike limbs, making them resemble dragons. Vibrantly coloured birds strut about picking up the faced, walking berries and making incredibly strange sounds to attract mates. Finally, there is a swarm of colour-changing frogs and spear-nosed snakes on the ground floor that will hop out of the way of any fighter that comes near them while also trying to make a snack out of some large comet moths that have grown extra wings. When the fight is over, the area will rumble before a massive demonic crocodile crashes through the trees and grabs a bite out of a few unfortunate lemurs and scaring off all living beings, including the trees that survived.

~ Illness Soil ~

| Location – Paths near a poisoned field in Ukraine.

| Coffin Design – A peasant’s coffin that appears to have just been unearthed judging by the dirt and worms; along the edges is small gap where various herbs are placed in a vain attempt to stop diseases from spreading off the corpse.

| Characters found here –
- Ailis
- Dr. Ezekiel Crawford
- Jack the Lantern

| Description – The fight takes place in the middle of a crossroad. The general area is... not pretty, to say the least. The fields that were once filled with bountiful crops are now akin to zombies; they are pathetically withered, yet still reach out like the hands of the famished to grab at any living thing in hopes of devouring it. Though they are physically weak and easy to kill, they are now disease-ridden and even just breathing the air around them will cause many a normal human being to become woefully ill. Two of the roads leading to the intersection can be seen from where the fight is. On one of them is a carriage transporting a Turkish carpet salesman and a Spanish fortune teller who have agreed to share the vehicle due to a recent disease outbreak causing many transporters to take leave, and because they are both heading to Poland. One of the wheels has broken off, bringing out the frustration in the driver and getting his passengers to help him try fix it, though they are both a bit more interested in the fight, much to the further chagrin of the driver. The horses on the other hand are far more anxious, acting as though terrible spirits are close by and constantly fidgeting. On the other road is an elderly man driving an old-timey automobile that is stuck in a patch of mud. He doesn’t seem to bothered though, in fact he seems quite content; it’s very much possible that he is simply oblivious to his predicament, seeing as how he is still steering the wheel and changing gears as though he is still moving on the road. In the fields are scarecrows spaced evenly about, and their appearance would certainly scare more than just crows. The way they are poorly stitched together, the moulded fabric and the nightmarish faces that adorn them, they could very well be mistaken for corpses; sure enough, they tend to spasm every now and then. Further into the distance a lake can be seen, and just like everything else it is in poor condition. The water is purple-brown and stagnant with dozens of fish belly up at the surface; a young boy makes a futile effort to fish there. When the fight is over, the scarecrows will burst open and reveal horrific fly-like phantoms that begin spreading around a toxic gas. The horses freak out and finally break free and run off, tipping over the carriage in the process and crushing half of the driver while the passengers run off in terror; the fishing boy merely looks to the situation with fear and confusion, and the elderly man is still happily ‘driving’.

~ Ceiling of Soles Souls ~

| Location – Pacific Ocean floor area located far south from Hawaii.

| Coffin Design – An elaborate coffin that looks like a human-sized treasure chest that was lost in the seas for centuries, as shown by the decaying wear and the barnacles growing all over it.

| Characters found here –
- Bishamon
- Lord Raptor/Zabel Zarock
- Francisco Calavera

| Description – The fight takes place in a flat area on the ocean floor. How is it that the fighters are surviving while their own the ocean floor? Well the answer is simple; all the water is above them. A rather large gap is present between the floor and the bottom of the water, though the water still moves as though it is on the ground. How did such an anomaly occur? There were once two powerful darkstalkers that had both found an island not too far from Hawaii, and got into a fight to see who would claim it. They fought several days, and eventually the victor was decided. The loser was on the verge of death, and his body could not remain on the island as part of the agreement of the battle; thus his body was to be cast into the ocean. He made one final request for his killer: to never let his body touch one drop of water, as it is the one thing he hated more than anything. Though seemingly impossible, the winner found his opponent to be the best warrior he had encountered, and gladly honoured his wish. Thus he cast a spell that would separate the ground and the water in a large area, and keep his noble enemy’s corpse dry. The corpse of that warrior can still be seen, though it is now dried, rotten to bones and overrun with crabs run through its insides. Also littering the floor are multiple rocks with deceased anemones and other non-mobile organisms; most of the creatures of the sea remained in the water that was lifted and continue to live as always, but others that relied on the floor to survive could not adapt and perished. In the distance the ruins of a pirate ship can be seen, its broken form still drenched and damp from its time long before the spell was cast, and still plenty of riches to be plundered. What’s most notable however are the many anchors that can be seen strewn about the place, and their chains are still raised up as though they are still underwater. The chains are still connected to... let’s just call it ‘cargo’, and the ‘cargo’ is oddly enough still up in the water near the bottom, only just near the surface. What is the ‘cargo’ you may wonder? Well, centuries ago when treacherous pirates roamed the seas, this area in particular was notable for having a long depth before reaching the bottom and having strong currents, making it an ideal place for both pirates and the law to drop off unwanted ‘cargo’ that they didn’t want anyone else to find. The ‘cargo’ still remains mostly intact, but the many, many years of being underwater has left the ‘cargo’ very decayed and worn out. When the fight is over, small drops of water will start falling down, then those droplets become narrow streams, then fish start falling out of the water, THEN everything starts to rumble as the water above begins to look more and more unstable and the ‘cargo’ starts falling off as well. To the winner of that battle; run.

~ Blazed Dust from Wisdom ~

| Location – Ruins of Helio Eye Museum in Qatar.

| Coffin Design – An ancient Egyptian style coffin designed to emulate the appearance of millennium-old kings and rulers; all around the coffin is an ancient text that occasionally glows brightly in certain parts.

| Characters found here –
- Anakaris
- Huitzil/Phobos
- Pyron

| Description – The fight takes place in what used to be an exhibit that showcased a large range of recently discovered artefacts from various parts of the world. Usually exhibits are more specific and contain only items from a certain time or place, but in this case it was different due to the strong evidence that these stone artefacts were closely related; these artefacts included such things as statues, tablets and what appeared to be primitive containers. The implications of this are immense, as it would mean that the time when these objects would have had to be around would be when all the continents were one as Pangaea; though it is widely speculated that the true origins of these artefacts are of Makai. From the ancient language and all the different substances gathered on them, these artefacts could have unlocked many secrets about Earth’s ancient history and possibly Makai’s history as well. Unfortunately, further research seems to be... discontinued due to unfortunate events. It’s unknown what exactly happened, but the museum was severely damaged by some sort of disaster. The roof is blown off, only a few walls barely remain and a lot of the exhibits and items were destroyed. The only things that are perfectly intact are the artefacts being researched, and this would be a massive relief for researchers were it not for the fact they are now incredibly dangerous. The ancient runes that adorned them are glowing a bright reddish-gold, while the objects themselves are emitting a continuous wave of crackling energy while slowly flying around the room as though they are orbiting something. Occasionally two artefacts will momentarily come within close proximity of each other and their two energies will combine to form a small interdimensional anomaly, like a ripple in the air. For a brief moment the image of a humanoid being’s face can be seen, one that is pale, bald, eyes glowing indigo and of unknown gender, if such a being even has one; its face can best be interpreted as displeased. What’s left of the museum in the area the fight is has become eroded and decayed as though it has existed for several millenniums, even when it has only existed for at least a decade. Many unnatural sandstorms have ravaged the museum since its untimely destruction, and with it waves of continuously blowing sand and creatures such as snakes and scorpions that now inhabit the former building in place of display items and visitors. When the fight is over all of the artefacts will disintegrate into sand-like energy particles that all swirl and merge into the centre of the room and transform into a large triangular pyramid. The pyramid then spawns a single, large humanoid eye in its centre that appears half-lidded and closes, before suddenly opening wide and spastically looking in different directions and conjuring a wave of energy that levitates many small objects; whatever the being is looks like it’s in severe pain...

~ Needle Shock ~

| Location – Hotchner Street in Belgium.

| Coffin Design – Instead of a coffin there is a table with a sheet-covered body lying on it and medical equipment on a smaller table beside it; the body occasionally twitches.

| Characters found here –
- Sam & Twitch
- Red Eyes
- Keith Laurent/Necro

| Description – The fight takes place in the middle of a road at night. Whatever the results of the fight may be, one thing that is certain is that blood has already been spilt this hallowed evening. There is currently a crime scene being investigated by the authorities; the brutal murder of a middle-aged man that was coming home from work, or at least that is what is known from the information the police have gathered already. One would certainly not even recognize what is left of the man as even being human at first glance; the authorities have decided not to even attempt a chalk outline. Police cars surround the area and close the area off from bystanders, with slicker looking black cars not too far off as their owners are a part of the official investigation team commissioned to investigate the murder as the police do not have the resources to figure what happened to this man. Cause of death is, of course, unknown; the investigators are debating whether or not they should consider the homicide as being related to darkstalkers due to how inhumanely brutal it is. Although the area of the scene is blocked off, there are plenty of people who are curious about the situation and can be seen talking amongst each other trying to figure out what happened; some are even theorizing what might of happened, which range from putting the body in the shredder and dumping it onto the streets, getting hit by a vehicle at high velocity, military-grade weapons, government conspiracy theories and darkstalker attacks. To the left of the scene is the entrance to a dark alleyway where a group of homeless people take refuge, paying absolutely no mind to the murder that just happened only a short distance from them. Instead their focus is on a strange bearded man in a trash can placed on a tower of pizza boxes. The trash man has small animals of all kingdoms living in his borderline abstract facial hair, and wears the trash can lid on his head upside down, decorated with broken pieces of electronics. On his wrinkled, unwashed and hairy chest are numerous insect bites that supposedly form a message that foretells the future; the man claims that a terrible force is among them, that they are living in an inverted mirror, and that he will use his ‘power’ to save the homeless people. The graffiti on the walls leading to the alley depict gangsters of various ethnicities looking upon the murder scene, looking to each other and nodding, before going back to observing the scene; what truths they know could never be revealed, as they are merely spray paint on the wall anyway. When the fight is over, the colour of everything (except for the fighters) inverts before going into monochrome. All the people present, both authorities and bystanders, are horrified to find their own bleeding bodies on the ground as they float stand above them as ghosts. The mangled remains of the victim begin to reform and take shape into the man it once was; he then observes the massacre around him, straightens up his tie, and then strolls of casually and whistling a merry tune as though nothing happened while everyone else is freaking out. The graffiti men have disappeared entirely, and oddly enough the homeless people are still perfectly okay; the trash man is laughing triumphantly while his followers glance at each other and look at him incredulously, beginning to think he has gone cuckoo.
Darkstalkers 4 Stages Part 2
The second part to the Darkstalkers 4 stages. First of all I want to heavily apologize that this had to take like an entire month to get done; I was starting exams not long after I posted the first part, but my tardiness from that point onward is inexcusable, even by my standards. It's even worse considering I had done two stage descriptions for this part already before I decided to split them. I seriously need some sort of device or someone to get me focused on doing this kinda thing. 

With that outta the way, I'm not too sure there's anything else I have left to say about the stages in particular. I think I went even more overboard with the ones here than the first part. I suppose I oughtta say right now that after I'm done with all the stages, I'm gonna be putting up an extra part detailing interesting little facts regarding the creation and thought processes for making these stages, which I hope you'll find interesting. One notable fact that I'll say right now actually is that originally I was going to put up a description for what the music for the stage would sound like, but decided against it as I discovered that I am absolutely terrible at describing music. I suppose you can imagine what kind of music it would sound like anyway; personally I imagine the theme for Max Impact Move to sound something like Smooth by Santana and Rob Thomas. That or there could just be themes for the characters instead, that's plausible too. 

So yeah. Once again I'm really sorry for the wait, hopefully I can get the final part done by the end of the year (hah, good joke), and I then I can finally move on to doing things I've been wanting to do for a long time now. Until then, take care everybody <3 

Darkstalkers belongs to Capcom. 

Darkstalkers 4 concept belong to :iconredrojo17: 

All original characters made by other people for Darkstalkers 4 belong to their respective creators. 







i'm really tired 
My last exam is over, and now I'm on holidays!! WHOOOO!!! 

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Darkstalkers 4 Stages

~ Introduction ~

The world of Darkstalkers is not a normal one. All throughout the Earth and beyond are strange places, where strange fights break out between strange people; so who better to guide you there than a strange being? You do not have to refer to me by any name, for have both many and none. The only thing you need to know about me is that I will take you to these strange places; no cost, no harm, nothing but a simple trip. I have placed before you a collection of coffins, each one leading to a particular area where you are most likely to find the most exciting of fights. When you have decided where to go, simply find the coffin leading there, open it, and close your eyes as I personally transport you there; make very sure to keep your eyes tightly shut until we have arrived. Once again, there is no price for my services to you; I have no reason not to help you to wherever you wish to go. Just remember one thing. When you’ve opened a coffin, and I am currently transporting you somewhere, whatever you do:

Nͩͪ͗̆ͯ̎̈ͧ͏̝͇̳͓̫̫̘ͅEͪ̓ͬ̈͐̒͛ͦ҉̣͍̲̼̕Ṿ̵̢̤̙̗̱̟͕̪̋͌̎ͭͧE̥̯͂ͭŘ̼̠͖̻̞͍͒̄̎̈́͂̎͝ͅ ̨̖͙͓̞̲̹̏̑͛̌̔́̓ͅÒ̶̷̻̘̪̥̮̼ͅP̷̶̛̩̞͓̗̑͋E̡̬̜̭͔͒̌́̑ͬ̌͋̒͟N̶̢̖̣͗̌̊ͨ̄ͤ̄ͯ ̢̣̙̱́̽̈́ͧ͆̋ͦͧ͢Y̡̳̺̝ͥͦ̓ͬ̒̉͢O̸ͦ̑̓ͮͦͩ̀҉͓͔Ǔ͍̫̪̳ͤ̏͌̎̕͢͞R͚̃̌̏̍ͧͯ̅͜ ̯̟̠̱̻̘͉́̐͞E̲̗͖̫ͧ̇ͨ̇́Y̑͛̇̌͑ͦ͏̹̺̘͟E̡͉͈̠ͭ̈́ͭ͘͜S̥̈́ͣ͋̕͜.̪̹̺̦̭̝̮͊͟͝

Now allow me to explain your choices ~

~ Eros Steam ~

| Location – Aensland Castle in Scotland.

| Coffin Design – An elegant coffin made from stone with engravings of beautiful women and roses.

| Characters found here –
- Morrigan Aensland
- Lilith Aensland
- Moka Akashiya

| Description – The hot springs room that was recently built into Aensland Castle as requested by Morrigan, and so far seems to be doing pretty well. It’s rather expensive, but given that it belongs to one of the most powerful families in the Makai Realm and the high level of quality and service, it’s more than enough bang for your buck. The fight takes place just adjacent to one of the hot springs, where beautiful men, women and everything in between relax, both human and non-human. Some of the occupants will take their leave and stroll off the area, still naked but masterfully obscured by the steam so as not to distract the fighters. Occasionally you’ll see two playful guests chasing each other childishly around the spring, whipping each other with towels; meanwhile Lucien is still standing around with towels in his hand, shaking his head in embarrassment and shame. Many nude, posing stone statues are placed around the place, and one large statue behind the spring. The statue is that of a voluptuous woman whose bosom is covered only by the long hair and a large pillar with steam and a mystical glowing light coming from it. After the fight is over, the pillar will explode at the top and release a geyser of hot water glowing different colours while the face of the statue changes from calm to ecstatic.

~ Crimson Gallery ~

| Location – Castle Zeltzereich in Romania.

| Coffin Design – A traditional vampire’s coffin with a bat symbol on the front, and blood leaking from the edges.

| Characters found here –
- Demitri Maximoff
- Simon Belmont
- Rachel Alucard

| Description – The fight takes place in a beautiful rose garden in the courtyard of the castle. Red rose petals ride on a supernatural breeze while beautiful maidens tend to a large gathering of vampire bats, sacrificing their own blood to appease the pets of Maximoff.  A full moon can be seen in the starless dark sky, and at certain points the silhouette of a large bat monster can be seen briefly. There is one thing to note about the roses though; they aren’t naturally red. The once white roses actually obtain their new colour from the blood spilt by sacrificed virgins who offered themselves to Demitri. Their bodies can be seen on a ledge above the rose gardens, lying on their backs and impaled through the heart by cross-shaped gravestones, with their heads and hands hanging from the edges. Judging by their expressions they were charmed by the vampire lord’s charisma to the grave. Near the base of the garden bed is a pond of blood that rises in columns at the presence of the fighters, with events such as jumping, falling to the ground or hitting enemies with powerful attacks cause large splashes. After the fight is over, the pond of blood will all rise up like a massive wave while the roses begin to grow and transform into half-plant, half-humanoid maidens.

~ Arcana Manifest ~

| Location – Ludenberg Family Mansion in California, USA.

| Coffin Design – A royal jewelled coffin bearing the family crest of the Ludenberg family and various mystical symbols.

| Characters found here –
- Melissa Ludenberg
- White Schrödinger
- Circe

| Description – The fight takes place in the ballroom of the Ludenberg Mansion. There is actually a large party full of ballroom dancers right now, but for the sake of good sportsmanship and interest they have made the centre clear for the battle. On the dance floor are 22 aristocrats and royals all dressed sharply and elegantly, all dancing together with much grace or chatting amongst each other, discussing how great they like to imagine they are. There’s no reason to beat around the bush, for even the host of the ball knows how soulless and devoid of worth these patrons truly are. To reflect on their true nature their heads are replaced with tarot cards in a pathetic attempt to appear important and knowledgeable, when in fact they are flat and purely material driven; they don’t even have the dignity to admit that they replaced their heads, and instead claim that the cards are only seen because that’s what people they deem lower than them conceive them as. Thankfully, the actual ballroom itself is much more pleasant to look at. Exquisite pieces of art that are (quite literally) more lively than the dancers line the walls, the ceiling has a grand masterpiece watching over all beneath it and from it is a large diamond chandelier with ethereal indigo candles on top. When the fight is over, the chandelier will break off the ceiling and crush any dancers beneath it, though disgustingly enough the survivors still continue their activities as though nothing happened.

~ Where the Breeze is Best ~

| Location – St. Mercury Church in Peru.

| Coffin Design – A blessed black coffin with a golden cross adorning it and moss growing near the edges.

| Characters found here –
- Felicia
- El Segador
- Sugar Rottweiler

| Description – The fight takes place in a green, grassy field outside of the front of the church. This stage is probably the safest place to be in the entire game if you’re a human; there are absolutely no darkstalkers of any kind besides any who may be fighting. Near the field are young children running around and playing games, though some of them have instead taken a curious interest to the fight that is taking place. Closer to the entrance of the church are a group of adults (plenty of which are parents to the children) and a few priests watching over the children, discussing matters and watching the fight with caution to make sure it doesn’t get out of hand. Off in the distance the Inca site Machu Picchu can be seen, where the clouds in the sky above it are swirling around each other at a fast pace. What’s most notable however is the row of angel statues mystically floating in the air near the fighting space. The expressions on their faces change when a fighter gets close to them, with the expression depending on who the fighter is; those that are more righteous and well-intentioned are merely given a stern look while more malevolent types are given a scowl. When the fight is over, the angels will all scream angrily as they conjure weapons of light and get into fighting positions while the adults grab all the frightened children and bring them inside the church.

~ Clarity Blank ~

| Location – Six Paths Temple in the Himalayas.

| Coffin Design – A simple wooden coffin with depictions of human priests and demons existing in a balanced state and a bowl of fire near the top.

| Characters found here –
- Donovan Baine
- Anita
- Ino Tengu

| Description – The fight takes place outside of a holy shrine area, where it is currently snowing. Inside the shrine area is a large stone bowl being held up by the backs and hands of a nude muscular human and a nude humanoid demon with a face not unlike the head of a shisa statue; their expressions are calm and stoic. In the bowl is an ethereal light blue flame with talismans and seals surrounding the edges. Around the statues and the bowl is a ring of meditating priests of all kinds of races; only one is human while the rest range from generic demonic humanoids to borderline abstract serpent beings. All of them are in a calm, sitting position, constantly floating and slowly moving around the statues. They have all been meditating for days on end hoping to find peace of mind, answers to great questions or simply preparing themselves for trials foreseen to come. In front of the four large pillars that support the shrine are guards of different races wielding naginatas, making sure no one interrupts the priests they have sworn to protect. Outside the shrine near the steps is another fight going on, not unlike the one the two characters are in. The fight is between a bald, female monk wielding kusarigama and a large, four-armed, presumably female demon with an insect-like face and three spiked appendages growing from the back. When the fight is over, something very unexpected will occur between the fighters; an orb of cosmic power will appear out of nowhere and draw in the two fighters. The fighters will struggle to get away, but are eventually pulled in and get their bodies transformed into a liquid-like energy before fusing together and starting to form as one being.

~ Gelombang Iblis ~

| Location – Eelmaw Festival Street in Indonesia.

| Coffin Design – A well-crafted bamboo coffin with a mask of a menacing, grinning demon placed on the top and several offerings of plant materials around it.

| Characters found here –
- Hsien-Ko/Lei-Lei
- Ogro
- Miko Vulpa

| Description – The fight takes place on the footpath near a road during a festival. A parade is marching through the road, consisting of many human festival-goers and children prancing about while dressed in costumes resembling demons; it’s unknown if they’re aware or not, but there are plenty of actual demons prancing about alongside, and also unknown is if those demons are just trying to trick them and attack them later or if they really do just want to have fun. The fighters aren’t the only ones on the footpath, as an elderly couple with their dog can be seen sitting and watching the festival, content with just watching and not partaking in any more physical activity; there’s a homeless bum passed out with a bottle of booze not too far from them, or is he dead? To the far right is a small stand selling bizarre cuisine made from the body parts of both creatures from Earth and Makai; not too sure if all those things are edible. On the rooftops of the shopping district on the other side of the road are a group of rowdy teenage rebels and four-legged demons running across, most likely up to whatever mischief and mayhem they can cause with whatever’s in those smoke-emitting backpacks. The main attraction of the parade is a large float featuring a large paper mache figure of the upper half of a six-armed human man with the face of the spirit king Barong; the figure has hand-operated mechanisms that allow movement for the arms and head. When the fight is over the figure will shape-shift, turning from male to female and having the head of Barong turn 360 degrees and revealing the face of the demon queen Rangda; Rangda then turns to face the screen and breathe a large wave of hellish flames.

~ Lovely Madame Agatha ~

| Location – Starts off in an abandoned train station in England before going to various different countries throughout the world.

| Coffin Design – A mechanical bronze coffin with the nuts and bolts in plain sight, a list of train timetables and above it a glass window that has water on the other side; looking through the window long enough may yield a quick glimpse of a face.

| Characters found here –
- Jon Talbain/Gallon
- Bell
- Lydia Gardenias

| Description – The fight takes place on top of the demon train known as Agatha. Agatha is a powerful entity that takes the form of a large steam locomotive that can travel through portals to various places and run without a railroad. Agatha has a more Steampunk appearance than most regular trains, and a bronze tinge. What’s a lot more noticeable however is the large, uncannily human-looking mouth on the front of the train. Luscious red lips and pearly white teeth almost always smiling, and upon opening you’ll find a pair of human-like eyes and a human-like nose. In spite of her rather creepy appearance, Agatha is a very nice woman; she’s incredibly polite, kind-hearted and willing to help anyone in need. This comes in handy with her dimension-warping power allowing her to pick up people of all kinds and from all lands lost on their way or just looking to get back home, totally free of charge. As good as that sounds, this applies for not just humans, but also denizens of Makai, and since there’s no true guarantee that they’ll get along, fights tend to break out often; poor Agatha cannot actually feel anything that her wheels aren’t touching, and has rather tunnelled sense of vision and hearing, making her completely oblivious to the bloodshed that happens within her own body. The fighters first board Agatha at an abandoned train station in England that Agatha thinks is rather nice to look at despite its decrepit state. From then on she travels through the rusted rails for a short time before warping to various other countries. In order, she travels through: France, Morocco, Kenya, Pakistan, India, China, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Washington DC, Alaska, Korea, Russia and finally Switzerland before going back to England. When the fight is over, something goes wrong with Agatha’s abilities; her next portal ends up becoming twisted and chaotic, and Agatha’s wheels begin heavily sparking. For once, Agatha loses her cheerful smile.

~ Liquid Jewelled Mirror ~

| Location – Bashia Royal Castle in Ireland.

| Coffin Design – A gorgeous marble coffin with a surface that dances around with glitters shining like the stars.

| Characters found here –
- Rikuo/Aulbath
- Holia Bashia
- Pit

| Description – The fight takes place in front of a large fountain outside of the castle. This fountain is owned by the royal Bashia family and was built by the most talented darkstalker craftsmen that could be hired; it took 9 years to build and was completed in 1897. It almost entirely made from black marble and has four water-filled layers, with the largest at the bottom and the smallest at the top. All along the inside of each layer are water jets angled diagonally upwards, creating a ring of thin, parabolic streams of water for each layer. At the top of the fountain is a granite statue of a beautiful man holding an urn over his head; sparkling water continuously pours out of the urn. Gracefully dancing on top of the water are thin, humanoid water elementals that can shift their liquid form into anything, but choose to show respect to the Bashia family by taking a form similar to them; the glowing, aqua coloured jewel seen in the head is their only true form. Most of them are dancing, though some of them are also sitting on the layers observing the fight. Beyond the fountain is a cliff leading off onto the raging waters of the sea, though it’s not visible when you’re watching the fight. However, the sea makes its presence known instead through the night sky. Alongside the many stars and constellations, the great waves and all the unique marine life can be seen moving about in an almost rhythmic pattern, almost giving off the appearance that the space beyond the Earth is filled with aliens. When the fight is over, the statue at the top of the fountain will come alive and levitate the urn above his head into an upright position and spreading his arms out; all the water in the fountain will then rise and swirl around in a spherical pattern while the jewels of the water elementals shine brightly as they move about.

~ City of Creativity ~

| Location – Downtown Rhode Island, USA.

| Coffin Design – A colourful and vandalized coffin covered in graffiti and skating stickers, with some stickers being based off Capcom franchises.

| Character found here –
- Jeremy Sanchez

| Description – The fight takes place in a closed local skate park during night located at Downtown. Where the youth hang out every day after (or before) school, spending quality time skating with friends and ordering burgers, pizza, and even slushies at Panda's Food Shack, and every young folk having a good time before it closes at 6. During the night some youngsters like to sneak in to skate during the night or even throw a party while the owner is away, but they always clean up because they don't want to piss off the owner so they can keep the park open. Then they graffiti and vandalize the walls, floors and ramp while spreading stickers on poles, chairs, and objects, making the skate park even more colourful, which leads to a higher chance of having more young and professional skaters visiting and skating in the park. Jeremy himself has snuck in and illustrated a picture of Morrigan on the wall one night with unique sexy details due of his talent, to make everyone believe that Darkstalkers are real as written alongside the succubus. During that night, bats can be seen hanging on the rail wall and flying off later on as the moon begins to turn red when it hits to the witching hour.  Bright colourful lights envelop the streets, while the skate park remains less brightened since there are only four pole lights around the park. When the fight is over, all the light from the poles are drawn into the hand of Morrigan’s image as it winks and coyly smiles at the player.
Darkstalkers 4 Stages Part 1
So this is what I've been up to for like the past week or so, probably longer. Basically the first of three parts for the concept of the stages that would appear in redrojo17's Darkstalkers 4 idea. I had recently got Darkstalkers Resurrection and I fucking love it, and of course I wanted to do something with it. Redrojo17 did a fantastic job with the characters, and while they aren't nearly as important or noticed as much, I wanted to make a list of stages for the characters to fight in. I've already done stages before, but this time I'm actually making up original areas. Admittedly I based a few of them off the ones in Darkstalkers 3 (which I thought had the most interesting stages), probably the most blatant example being Lovely Madame Agatha pretty much being Iron Horse, Iron Terror 2.0. 

Originally it wasn't going to take this long to make or be nearly as plentiful but... I kinda got carried away. Now as a result the concept is so massive that I'm not even halfway through as a result for wanting so much description while still being as procastinative as ever (not even a real word). I didn't want to have such a dry spell with posts, so I decided to split them into three parts. Some stages obviously have more description than others, and I kinda feel bad for that; however, for some stages there's only so much I feel I can put in, and in other cases it's more out of me putting absurd amounts of background lore and useless info about certain things. However, someone like redrojo deserves only the best that someone can offer, and I'll gladly will myself to do everything to make this as close to perfection as possible. 

I really hope you all enjoy this, as I believe that it is the most effort and creativity I've ever put into something. I admit, I was originally gonna do this as a way to step back from the tedium of Super Stand Bros. and TF2: All Star Battle movesets, but now with how big this is I kinda wanna go back /)#Y~Y#(\. Anyway, I don't know what I'll put up next, but there'll definitely be more of this to come! Until then, take care everybody <3 

(EDIT) New stage for Jeremy Sanchez as requested by :iconrandsanity:. If anyone who has made a Darkstalkers 4 character wants their character to have their own stage as well, feel free to make a request and it'll be done son. If you do so, remember to give me some sort of premise to work off at the very least. Randsanity actually did up pretty much the entirety of Jeremy's stage himself, while I just edited it and added in the events that happen when the fight is over; that was super cool of him to do so, and while I won't ask of you to do the same, doing this much work for the stage you want in is very much appreciated ^.^ 

Darkstalkers belongs to Capcom. (Even though they won't do anything with it until a digitally purchased game from a niche series that they've made absolutely no effort to advertise whatsoever hits like 2 million sales ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME.) 

Darkstalkers 4 concept belong to :iconredrojo17: 


I get the feeling I'm missing something hear. I dunno... 

On a slightly more serious note, this next video is the first of what is now my favourite Youtube Poop. Crikey. 

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I recently watched My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks, and I've decided to share my thoughts on it. For those who don't really care for anything to do with MLP, you should probably just give this journal a skip 'cause that's pretty much all this is gonna be about. Anyway before I go on, I think I'll do a quick summary of my thoughts on the first Equestria Girls. For those who have yet to watch Rainbow Rocks, I should warn that there are most certainly gonna be spoilers. 

I did enjoy it a fair bit and I was open to concept of an alternate human universe, but I felt there were still plenty of things wrong with it that kept it from being considered a good movie. It basically changed what was a cartoon that I dearly loved into a Disney channel high school musical song-fest that tried too hard to be something it wasn't really meant to be, and let's not even get into the shitty romance tumor bullshit with that asshole Brad/Flash Sentry. The songs felt too abundant and packed together, and I only really enjoyed a few of them; I absolutely loved A Friend for Life though. 

Now we get to Rainbow Rocks... oh boy. When I first heard about it and the premise as well as watching a few of the shorts related to it, I immediately had doubts. An entire sequel based solely around what I believed to be one of the biggest problems of the first film being pretty much the whole movie? Ugh. The shorts were just a blatant case of fanbase pandering, something which I've talked about before as being a problem. After all, it's soooooo nice to see how established characters like Cadance, Shining Armor and Zecora are pretty much shafted while oh so important characters like Trixie, a villain that showed up twice in the cartoon and appeared as a cameo in the first film and Vinyl Scratch (Also known as DJ-PON3), a background character that is only popular among bronies purely because of her design end up getting their own shorts. Once again, I don't have anything against the ensemble darkhorses of the MLP fanbase, I quite like them a lot actually, but they shouldn't be given this much spotlight just to appease a fanbase outside of the original target demographic. Needless to say, I wasn't particularly stoked for this movie. 

Then I finally decided to watch it; and I end up liking it even less. The plot itself was pretty good, I'll give it that. I didn't care much for the music, it was mostly irritating pop music that once again sounds like shit out of a crappy Disney channel high school musical movie. The fanbase pandering is even more blatant this time around. The cameos of such characters like Derpy, Octavia, Lyra, Bon-Bon and the giant muscly pegasus were acceptable and I could deal with them. Then Trixie becomes a minor villain kind of thing which kinda makes me groan, but otherwise it makes enough sense seeing as how she has been a fairly prominent antagonist in the cartoon series.

Then we get to the part that sets me off: Twilight, Sunset and all their friends are trapped underneath a stage, and try desperately hard to get out the locked door. Fortunately, Spike managed to get away and get help for them (since dogs can't open doors), and who ends up being their savior? Vinyl Scratch. A character that started off as one-scene pony that had no bearing on any plot ends up being promoted to a hero. Why? Because the bronies love her so much. Why do they love her so much? Because her design is non-standard, and that's pretty much it. Why did she end up becoming so important because of this? Because the writers decided that they'd rather whore out and appease the bronies through cheap means rather than doing their own thing. It gets worse too; Vinyl also helps save the day by providing the protagonists with a way to get their music heard by everyone: a hero twice! And all because she looked slightly different to numerous other background ponies; because who cares for all the other characters that were given actual roles in the cartoon amiright? Fuck. 

That's not at all the worst part though. The worst part is actually so bad that it ended being the one key difference between whether I liked the first EG or this one. It's the characters. Twilight Sparkle, Sunset Shimmer and the villains of the film, the Dazzlings weren't bad at all; everyone else on the other hand... dear god. All the other students, Celestia and Luna were justified with their behavior seeing as how they were under a spell intentionally made to have people be total dicks to each other. Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie and to an extent even Fluttershy on the other hand were insufferable. Apparently the whole 'make them best friends with each other again' effort that Twilight had spent pretty much the entirety of the last EG doing has pretty much gone away immediately when she left. All of them had very skewed priorities, and as Sunset pointed out they constantly let petty things get in the way of each other and it gives off the impression that without Twilight they all degenerate into a bunch of pissy assholes. What's worse is apparently this is the fault of Twilight (according to herself) that they're like this; as though she's somehow obligated to make sure her 'friends' don't claw at each others throat like a bunch of inept, self-centered fucktards. Rainbow ends up being the absolute worst in this case since almost half the problems the group faces are because of her. Spike isn't so bad, but he barely does anything the entire time unlike in the first film. 

Flash Sentry makes a return, and he has not improved in the slightest. I can't really take points off him for acting like a dick because once again he's under a hate spell, in fact one of his many mary-sue traits is that he's such a nice guy that falling in love with him for no other actual reason is normal; that being said it's no less jarring to see the way he acts to everyone, especially Sunset. The romantic plot tumor is back as Twilight still somehow has a crush on him despite him doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, and I wanted to spuke so hard when I saw them hug and blush near the end of the movie. Ultimately, the main problem of the movie is that it took characters that I had seen go through so much development and had grown to like so much, and twist them into a bunch of whiny teenage twits that I would rather have left to whatever fate the Dazzlings had in store for them. 

Now that the worst is over, it's time to give this movie credit where credit is due. Once again, the plot was pretty good, and unlike the first film it actually made plenty of sense. There were still some things like why Sunset was only treated like an outcast and not considered to be an otherworldly threat to humanity that should be locked with the government (not saying she deserved it but that would seem like a likely situation) or why Twilight decided to leave her crown behind in Equestria in the first place, or why she never bothered to go back for it even though it would have ended the movie right then and there, or that the whole 'make everyone hate each other' is reminiscent of the main problem in a second season episode that was one of my favorites, but otherwise it was goodish I guess. The final attack on the main villains was a lot better in this film too. In the first EG it was literally the same rainbow cannon thing from the pilot episode of the first season of the show. In this film however it's a giant ethereal alicorn that shoots a giant 'fuck-you' laser from its horn; if this is the kind of cool shit that happens when Sunset is around then she should tag along more often. Also I did really like the scene with Maud Pie, and it was probably the funniest part of the film. 

I didn't honestly care too much for the Dazzlings, they kind of felt like 'just there' villains, but their were definitely competent and genre-savvy; they were a constant threat through and through and were always a step above the heroes, which is more than what can be said about Sunset when she was a bad guy. That ends up making a lot of sense considering how Sunset Shimmer actually turns out to be not really so bad, and that brings me to what I believe to be the redeeming factor of this movie; Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle. Admittedly, I thought the 'pressure of responsibility for everything' subplot for Twilight felt like it came out of left field, even though it does make sense given her position. The fact that she felt like she had to keep everyone together and her sudden ineptitude at writing songs were also jarring, but I can forgive it as well because it still makes enough sense I guess. The point is what unlike her friends, she was always aware of what was important and tried her darned hardest to make things right by herself, even when she was meant to be assisted by her friends. 

What really takes the cake though is Sunset Shimmer. The problem I had with the first EG is that ended in pretty much the same way as the Mane 6 against Nightmare Moon, where the big bad is defeated and feels a ton of guilt but is then forgiven because that's what good people do. Rainbow Rocks fixes that by actually looking into the antagonism the former villain faces as a result of their actions and their struggles with redemption, something which didn't really happen in the first season since Luna kinda just vanished for the rest of the season. Sunset was a total jerkass in the first film, no doubts about that. In fact she may have been one of the most outwardly cruel and mean-spirited out of any MLP villain, but that ends making her attempts to redeem herself more meaningful. A part of her knew even during her evil phase that this wasn't what she wanted, and spends the entire film trying to be accepted again. In fact, it's everyone's attitude towards that ends up making them even more contemptible. The whole 'talk about how we defeated evil Sunset right in front of her and it's awkward woops' gag wasn't funny the first time, and it certainly wasn't the next few times. It was so jarring to see her having to deal with everyone's shit, and the fact that even after all of the crap she goes through she's still not willing to give up and proceeds to give the girls the talking they needed and deserved in order to save the day. My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks managed to do one thing very right: turn ketchup-and-mustard hair into one of my new favorite MLP characters. It also helps in that she's probably the first character to be a main protagonist in a major MLP plot that wasn't Twilight. 

So that's that. I just want to make it very clear that I don't have anything against anyone who enjoyed the film, or the MLP fanbase in general. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I would be horrified if I was being too disrespectful to anyone. Even though I don't call myself a brony, I am still very much an MLP fan and I still love the MLP fanbase, even with all it's flaws. Even though I brought it up as a main criticism, I still can't help but find it endearing when certain background characters get plenty of attention, however minor they popularity points are. I absolutely adore characters like Derpy, Octavia and the big strong pegasus guy that goes "YEAH!!". It's just that I became a fan of the show for many reasons. I liked the characters, I liked the stories, I like the feelgood nature of the show and I like how it proves that a show can be incredibly girly, simple in plot and devoid of underlying adult humor and still be enjoyable by a larger demographic than just little girls. I didn't continue watching the show based on what the fandom did, or what they thought should be in it, and I didn't continue watching the show just so I could see what was basically High School the Musical with irritating characters and a bunch of ensemble darkhorses thrown in. The main reason why I don't like the Equestria Girls movies is purely because it's just not the Friendship is Magic that I had grown to love. As for Rainbow Rocks, I give it a final rating of: Team Rocket out of George Costanza. 

Thank you all for listening, and have a lovely night <3 
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My last exam is over, and now I'm on holidays!! WHOOOO!!! 

alternative text 

(For maximum effect, use Google Chrome and speed up the video) 
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