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I'm bored, so I'm gonna talk about vidja games and stuff!

First off is the horror game that has gotten really popular recently known as Five Nights at Freddy's. The gameplay is unique and challenging disturbing as hell and it certainly knows how to keep you on edge and deliver the scares really well; from what I've seen at least while watching Markiplier. Definitely a nice new game in a genre that was for quite a long time filled with cheap Slender clones and jump scare fests that have the subtlety of a brick in a washing machine. The fan works are great as well; the memes are fucking hysterical and I will admit that I do like the cutesy style interpretations of the murderous animatronics. On the other hand there's also rule 34 of it already, some people say it came even faster than it did for Splatoon. Make of that whatever you will.

Next up is Freedom Planet, which I personally think looks awesome. Characters have nice, likable personalities, gameplay has a nice blend of speed and platforming, totally digging the blatantly Chinese theme of the setting and nice little easter eggs just for fun. When it comes to story I feel like the most appropriate comparison can be made using Adventure Time: has a lighthearted and cartoony feel for the most part, but when things get dramatic and dark HOLY SHIT DOES IT GET DRAMATIC AND DARK. When I finally get a good enough computer to play games on Steam again, this one is definitely on my list of games to play alongside Shovel Knight and Shantae: Risky's Revenge Director's Cut.

Now for yet another I have for a game concept. It's very much inspired by Hyrule Warriors (which looks fantastic btw) and basically it's kinda the same thing, but with many other Nintendo characters and heroes from other different franchises. Pretty much like Super Smash Bros. but with Dynasty Warriors style gameplay. I can imagine cool things like Mario blasting away waves of enemies with a Fire Flower, Samus creating tons of cool, improvised weapons with an Ice Beam to smash enemies with and even Sonic coming in with the board from City Escape shredding his foes with totally radical tricks. Not too sure if I'm gonna make a little project deviation or whatever considering I've already got enough stuff I still have yet to finish, but hey, it's on the table.

So that's about for now. About a quarter finished with what I'm working on right now so don't expect anything soon. Also I'm bored and lonely, come talk to me about whatever. Until next time, take care everybody <3
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I made a project of Mlp fim ultimate pony storm, it's on  my home page, I made the characters and stages so far. Tell me what you think of it, and if you have any suggestion plz put them on my page.
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I tip my hat to you
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Thank you for the fave and so sorry for the late reply/comment/thank you (or whatever you can call this....).
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