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Still got barely anything done. I seriously need to be more focused and not so easily distracted by Youtube and Tumblr stuff. If it's any consolation, I may have finally got a good start and idea on what to actually do. Also I found a sure-fire way to seduce literally anyone. Here: 

Roses are red 
Violets are blue 
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Not only have I not really posted anything in almost two weeks, but I actually haven't worked much on what I'm doing right now at all. I've just been really caught up with assignments and work, and whatever free time I have left I usually spend keeping up to date with youtube video series and whatnot. I've barely even commented on other people's journals and for that I want to apologize as well. Since I'm on a two week break from uni I think now's the best time to get back to working on Super Dream Party, so hopefully something for that will be up by next week. 

Quite a bit in terms of stuff I like (video games and cartoons) has also been happening. I recently watched the first episodes of MLP season 5 and I think it was great. Much like redrojo17 already said, the villain for the two parter is a lot like Amon from Legend of Korra in many ways; from the motive, charisma, hypocrisy, making-me-want-to-punch-in-the-face-itude and even the method of exposure and defeat were very similar. I suppose the writers are fans of Avatar as well and if that's the case, maybe the finale will involve a lesbian relationship too. Otherwise, season 5 has started pretty well, let's hope the rest of it is about season 1 or 4 levels of quality (as opposed to season 3 or Equestria Girls). 

Then there's Steven Universe; holy fuck. The season 1 finale and all the episodes leading to it were heavy as shit, and the episodes for season 2 have so far been great as well. For a show with such a simplistic art style it's easily one of the most heavy shows I've ever watched in my life. As for the Uncle Grandpa crossover... ugh. Pardon me if I'm not exactly a fan of overabundance in meta-humor, medium awareness or fourth wall breaking (Bubsy 3D and Banjo-Kazooie Nuts & Bolts: that is all), especially when SU was really getting serious. The jokes were clever-ish I'll admit, but otherwise it just made me cringe with Pearl not acting like Pearl at all and Uncle Grandpa being a blatant gary stu. Thankfully (as UG was so adamant to mention) the episode wasn't canon, but I hope this sort of shit doesn't ever happen again. 

As for vider gams, there are two games coming out this month that I'm absolutely stoked for. The first is Shovel Knight for the PS3, and I know the game itself has been out for a while but not for any systems that are currently available to me, and in this version you get to fight Kratos from God of War! ... Ok I don't actually care for that, like seriously he's the most oversaturated Sony related character to exist ffs he's in pretty much every Playstation version of something and I don't care for him at all like Christ man. Even more stoking is the new expansion that's coming this year where you get to play as Plague Knight: I fucking love old-timey plague doctors and their cool birb masks, and with his explosive jumping, alchemy and possible romance with the bored potion lady, Plague Knight will be sure to make for an interesting character. I know that the only other characters that are confirmed to have their own campaigns as well are King Knight and Spectre Knight, but I seriously hope that all the other members of the Order of No Quarter, Black Knight, Shield Knight and the Enchantress can get their own stories as well some day. 

The other game I'm hella excited for is Mortal Kombat X. The Mortal Kombat franchise has been a part of my childhood almost as long as Tekken, but Mortal Kombat 9 was undoubtedly the first time there was a truly great game. From the gameplay to the story and characters, it did everything right. From the looks of it, MKX will expand on all those things in ways that I had no idea could exist. The character variations that hit the right mix of being unique while still being consistent with the character, the pre-fight banter that brings characterization to the fighters in ways I've rarely seen in fighting games and the story mode looking fucking kick-ass, I just... it looks so great. I'm a little disheartened that the PS3 version is being delayed, but I'm sure when I get it I will have just the greatest time, and hopefully it won't be watered down in anyway apart from maybe the HD quality (720p is A-ok with me) just like they did with Guilty Gear Xrd; I may not be able to own the new Killer Instinct, but at least that's not the only great Western-made fighting game to exist. 

Anyway, as for Super Dream Party; I really should be working hard and fast on it considering the amount of stuff I want to do for it. Not only do I want to finish SDP, but I also want to do a spin-off for it as well; Once the info for the characters and lore for the original world are up there'll be more on that later. I really shouldn't be working on anything else with this in mind, but admittedly I kind of feel like doing a short page of fatality concepts for Team Fortress 2 characters as a tribute to the Mortal Kombat series; it wouldn't be anything too big, and if enough people want it than I'll do it.

Redrojo17 has also been doing plenty of work on Darkstalkers 5, and as most of you know I wrote up the stages for Darkstalkers 4, and that series has been one of the most well-received and something I'm quite proud of. If you're wondering if I'll be doing stages for DS5 as well, that's a maybe. Apart from the fact that I have enough shit to do as it is, there's also how I'd do the stages. Rather than making a stage for a select amount of characters, I would rather base the stages around the story instead, as in locations that would be significant and relevant to the plot of the game. Of course this would mean Rojo would have to write up a story concept to go with that, and of course I can't force him to do that. 

So that's all I have to talk about tonight. Once again I'm really sorry for my inactivity, but I hope I can get back into the flow soon. Until then, take care everybody <3 
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These six brave and unique individuals from five different universes were those courageous enough to form a team dedicated to helping people in need, investigating the cause of the dimensional crossover and stopping the Collaboration of Superior Masterminds (CSM) from enslaving the new world. Helping them as a navigator and guide for Arcobaln is the fairy Serata Lilibell, who believes that these people are the heroes her world needs. Mario, Sonic, Mega Man, Finn, Jake and Twilight; together, as the Super Dream Brigade, go forth and triumph!

Mario the Plumber – The portly plumber whose signature cap, overalls and moustache are recognized all throughout his world, a great all-rounder hero with many moves, he is once again out on a bizarre adventure the likes he’s not encountered before. Regardless of whatever challenges he may face, Mario never gives up and always finds a way to triumph over treacherous forces in order to help people, especially if it’s Princess Peach; though he does have a tendency to go into every situation head on without fully thinking it through. While some may argue that his signature jumping techniques and other manoeuvres are nothing special in comparison to the abilities of the other heroes, there is no doubt that he excellently incorporates both practicality and style with his acrobatic and fighting moves. If that still isn’t enough to take on whatever traps and tricks he may encounter, he can very easily find a special item such as a Fire Flower or a Super Feather and gain new powers such as throwing wave after wave of fireballs, soaring high in the sky and even blazing through any obstacles like a shooting star. While a man of few words, he is one of many noble deeds, and is prepared to take on the evil alliance alongside his new companions.

Sonic the Hedgehog – The Blue Blur that is said to be the fastest thing alive in his world, and most likely other dimensions as well, he’s ready for yet another adventure that will take him to new places and new challenges. A cool dude with attitude, Sonic’s cocky personality and pride is matched only by his kind heart, and will gladly give help to those who need it most, and certainly a good beating to those who had it coming. Being a hedgehog, he can combine his amazing running speed with his spines to tear through even the toughest of machines like a ball of destruction, and his homing attack can ensure that no evil-doer escapes. Not only that, but he is also one of the few people in his dimension that can access the great potential power of the Chaos Emeralds; 7 legendary jewels containing unlimited power that can allow Sonic to enter his awe-inspiring Super Sonic form. There is only one thing that this radical hedgehog likes more than chilli dogs, break-dancing and racing; and that’s beating up anyone that threatens the freedom of people.

DLN. 001 Mega Man – The Blue Bomber known as Mega Man is a robot master (an advanced robot programmed to have emotions and free will) created by Dr. Thomas Light who was once an ordinary robot before deciding to take up the role of a fighter to oppose other robot masters who cause chaos and mayhem. He has a metallic heart of justice and righteousness and believes that peace between robots and humans can be possible, and as a result is willing to give others a fair go; although he can be bit too trusting for his own good. His Mega Buster that is a part of his body can fire plasma shots at a steady pace and can also be charged up to fire a larger, more powerful shot that can take down even the biggest of rogue machines. What makes him truly unique, however, is his Weapon Copy System: an ability that allows him to take the main attribute of a robot master he has defeated and form a new weapon based on that attribute that he can use at his own leisure, although they do have an energy cost. Being no stranger to the battlefield, Mega Man is sure to be a great asset to the Super Dream Brigade thanks to not only his impressive combat ability but also his sheer determination to fight for everlasting peace.

Finn the Human – The last human in his world and a renowned hero that has accomplished many great feats despite being at a young age, and will make sure that the CSM won’t cause harm to the people from any of the worlds with his best friend and adoptive brother Jake. He’s always ready for adventure and fighting and will do anything in his power to give help to people who need it, while making sure do it with style and child-like optimism; although he can be very sincere when need be and still has some insecurities about himself. Finn excels at melee combat, having great strength, durability and athletic ability combined with his resourcefulness and hot determination makes him a formidable warrior, as many evildoers of his world found out the hard way. Staying true to his status of a great and brave hero, Finn is also an expert with swords and other close-range weapons, being able to cleave demons and monsters in twine with the same amount of effort one would have when cutting through butter with a hot knife. With his heroic heart, (mostly) friendly demeanour and the heroic will that can surpass diamond walls, Finn will see to it that he and his comrades will fell all those who oppose justice and ensure joyous freedom for all the people.

Jake the Dog – The magic dog known simply as Jake is ready to take on evil with his best pal and adopted brother Finn and together they have saved the day countless times, all while still looking cool. In comparison to his bro, Jake is much more laid-back and casual, but still just as willing to make sure most people are at peace and can all just chill and party while still having plenty of good advice that one would expect from a father of five kids, although his moral compass can go somewhat off at times. Jake’s defining attribute is the ability to stretch, shape and change size of his own body into whatever he chooses; from being as big as giants to as small as pixies, from simple shapes like a hammer to complex structures such as other people and even entire rooms. One could claim that of the duo, Jake is the one that pulls the team and that Finn is second bananas, when in actuality it’s both of them are equally as great, with Finn’s great willpower, passion and swordsmanship alongside Jake’s stretchy powers, there’s no doubt that both are incredible on their own, and even more amazing when working together (which is more than often enough). Being almost inseparable from Finn, his inclusion into the Super Dream Brigade was guaranteed, and he proves to a valuable ally due to his fighting ability, stretchy powers allowing long-distance travel a cinch and his mature guidance to the younger members; the CSM will know they’ve made a terrible decision the minute they see an abstract, morphing yellow dog smash their treacherous fortress.

Princess Twilight Sparkle – The studious alicorn (formerly unicorn) princess that is well experienced with handling serious dangers is determined not only help protect innocent lives and defeat the CSM, but also to find her dear friends who had all mysteriously disappeared during the crossover process. Highly intelligent and having a strong willingness to learn new things (especially about friendship), she is also highly compassionate and responsible, which makes her ascension to a princess all the more reasonable alongside her great achievements; although she can still get worried easily about not living up to expectations. Twilight has innate talent for magic which not only makes her magic ability incredible, but can also allow her to learn a wide array of spells. After being transformed into an alicorn (a pony with the traits of Earth, Pegasus and Unicorn ponies) she now wields even greater magic as well as the ability to fly, although she still has a long way to go when it comes to soaring through the skies. Bearing the title of a princess (a smart and nerdy one at that!) many people would say that she is the leader of the Super Dream Brigade, but Twilight herself would much rather be thought as an equal member of the group, and there’s no doubt that she’ll do her fair share of defeating evil wherever it rears its ugly head.

Serata Lilibell – A fairy that came from the hidden grove where many of her kin reside, and a kind soul that has taken it upon on herself to help these interdimensional travellers navigate through Arcobaln and foil the despicable plans of the CSM. Serata has an optimistic and idealistic outlook on life, and heavily believes that if everyone tries hard enough there can be world peace. A big majority of her childhood was spent listening to and reading about great heroes of Arcobaln’s history, and strives to follow in their footsteps and take their values to heart. However, she’s also rather naive and a bit of a perfectionist; she dislikes it when things don’t go exactly as planned and tends to be really stubborn with how something should be. As a fairy, Serata is able to use the magic of Arcobaln where most other inhabitants no longer can, though the laws of a fairy dictate that she can never do direct harm to another living being. She comes to the aid of the heroes via a spiritual projection that can be used to see, hear and speak even from long-distances, allowing her to guide the Super Dream Party to any destination they need to be and give them vital information. This spiritual projection has no physical form and can travel between places almost instantaneously, which allows her to communicate between multiple people at once. When the heroes pull off astonishing feats and impressive combos, they unintentionally convert the magic energy of Arcobaln into mystical power that Serata can use to cast spells that further enhance their abilities. Though her role is a lot less involved in the action the same way as the heroes, she still very much intends on providing all the help she can and become a legend herself to inspire future generations. Her faith in the Super Dream Party, even when she has only just met them, is unwavering and absolute; but is there something that she’s keeping from these otherworldly champions?
Super Dream Party: The Heroes
The revamped version of the heroes info for Super Dream Party. Like with the general info, not much has really changed with the stuff that was already there. However, the most obvious difference is the large section for my new OC, Serata Lilibell. She won't be playable like the other heroes, but will still play an active role in both gameplay and story; in the same way that the heroes represent their respective worlds, she represents Arcobaln.

There's still plenty of stuff to discover about her character, but I feel like that would be better shown through the story mode; I never liked it when character traits and attributes were merely written or stated as opposed to being present in the actual thing they're in. Will she be used in other original projects? Maybe, but for now she's a character of Super Dream Party. 

Up next will be the revamped version of the information for the supporting cast of Super Dream Party. It will be a lot different than the previous version, not just for the roles the characters will have, but will also include the other Elements of Harmony (Twilight's friends) and some new characters added in. Until then, take care everybody <3 

Super Mario Bros. is owned by Nintendo.

Sonic the Hedgehog is owned by Sega.

Mega Man is owned by Capcom.

Adventure Time is owned by Cartoon Network.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by Hasbro.

Serata Lilibell and Arcobaln belong to me. 

Super Dream Party

~ System ~
Wii U

~ Number of players ~
1 in Classic Mode, Story Mode, Adventure Mode, Action Mode and Boss Rush
1-4 in Speed Run Mode

~ Gameplay Summary ~

Take control of 6 heroes from different game and cartoon franchises, and fight against an alliance of dastardly villains in the world of Arcobaln. Using their unique abilities, it’s up to these brave souls to save the day and uncover the mysteries of this mystical planet!

~ Story Summary ~

In one of the many dimensions that exists; a mysterious force begins to draw in great, untapped power. This force uses such power to open gateways to the dimension it resides, linking to five other worlds and bring in certain people from each world to its own. After coming to, the leaders and most reliable individuals of each dimension decide that the bravest heroes of their own worlds will set off an try to find out what’s going on, as well as to help anyone in need.

But somewhere in Arcobaln; the most dastardly and diabolical of villains decide to collaborate and combine their efforts not just to rule all the worlds, but also to get their vengeance on those heroes who have foiled and humiliated them time and time again. Mario the plumber, Sonic the hedgehog, Rock Man the robot master, Finn the human & Jake the magic dog and the alicorn princess Twilight Sparkle are in for a quest that will introduce them to new places, new friends and new enemies. While very powerful on their own; only when they form the alliance will they be able to save their dimensions (including the one that brought them there) and stop this new threat. Go forth and triumph: The Super Dream Party!

~ Game Modes ~

Classic Mode: Play through a random selection of 10 stages and 3 bosses. Only one stage from each zone and a select few bosses are available at the start; everything else is unlocked through Story and Adventure Mode.

Story Mode: Choose from 5 different storylines of the 6 heroes that intertwine with one another and eventually lead to the finale.

Adventure Mode: Explore the world of Arcobaln at your own pace and find new stages to play in.

Action Mode: Select any stage to go to that you’ve played through in either Story or Adventure Mode. You can also select the different missions for each stage.

Speed Run Mode: Compete with up to three other players as you all race through a stage to see who completes it the fastest.

Gallery: View all of the artwork, movies, cutscenes, medals and 3D models that you’ve unlocked as well as listen to the music of this game. Here you can also choose alternate costumes for the characters to where.

Shopping District: Using money earnt in-game you can buy artwork, movies, 3D models, music and alternate costumes from here.

Boss Rush: Select a character and fight all the bosses they take on in story mode all in succession.

Data – Contains statistics such as how long you’ve been playing, your highest rankings, fastest times and how much of the game you’ve unlocked.

Options – Customize various settings such as difficulty.

~ Characters ~

| The Good |

Mario – The portly plumber whose acrobatic abilities and assortment of power-ups are sure to overcome any obstacle that evil throws at him.

Sonic the Hedgehog – The Blue Blur that races ahead at incredible speeds and will never give up on fighting for freedom.

Mega Man – The robot master who has taken on many mighty foes with his Mega Buster and Variable Weapons System for the hope of a peaceful future.

Finn the Human – The last remaining human in his world and a great warrior who punches, kicks, slices and suplexes for great justice.

Jake the Dog – Adoptive brother and best friend of Finn, he is able to stretch into any shape he chooses to help his bro out in any situation.

Twilight Sparkle – The studious alicorn princess who would never turn her back on a friend and uses her powerful magic to preserve harmony.

Serata Lilibell – The mystical fairy that helped to get the people from different dimensions united and act as a guide for them to Arcobaln.

| The Bad |

King Bowser – The monstrous king of koopas who bears a long-standing grudge on Mario for constantly defeating him and taking Princess Peach from him.

Doctor Ivo ‘Eggman’ Robotnik – A rotund robot creator who boasts an IQ of 300 and wants nothing more than to conquer the world and get rid of that blue pest Sonic.

Doctor Albert Wily – A brilliant yet cowardly robot creator that has sent numerous robot masters after his nemesis Mega Man and will stop at nothing to achieve his goals.

Magic Man – A massive jerk with horrific magical powers that wants payback on the only two people that have successfully humiliated him: Finn and Jake.

Queen Chrysalis – The Queen of changelings whose plans for absolute power were thwarted thanks to Twilight’s efforts and now seeks her revenge.

10 Rampage – A colossal 10-headed serpent-like monster created from malevolent machinery and magic with the sole purpose of destroying all those who stand in the path of its creators.

~ Zones ~

Dream Playground – A mysterious white area filled with unusual cube structures that shape themselves. The heroes may or may not encounter this mysterious area in their slumber before or after the dimensional crossover.

Fairy Sanctuary – A large green land of grassy hills, cool breeze and mystical forests which is the homeland of the fairies. The starting area of Mario’s story.

Jewelled Sea – A wide expansive sea with many things to explore both above and below the water surface. The starting area of Sonic’s story.

Stardust City – Bright lights and various skyscrapers abound in this modern city that never sleeps. The starting area of Mega Man’s story.

Jungle Wilderness – A dense Amazon-like jungle containing deadly wildlife and the remnants of a lost civilisation. The starting area of Finn & Jake’s story.

Grander Kingdom – An old traditional land ruled by the royal Grander family. The starting area of Twilight’s story.

Snowy Wonderland – A great freezing country where almost everything is pure white, until celebration times.

Freubun Park – An amusement park filled with all types of entertainment that was founded by the eccentric Sarsaparilla Freubun.

Golden Desert – Hot sands, numerous diverse towns and old architecture all under the unforgiving Sun.

Dragon Mountain – A steep, rocky mountain filled with numerous mines and a hidden settlement.

Mark-Stone Museum – This interesting museum displays within its exhibits history and art that literally comes alive.

Skies of Adventure – Amongst the clouds are many who pilot airships to try and conquer the great skies.

Bronze Industries – One of the biggest and most trusted factories that produce many great inventions and machines.

Forbidden Estate – The cursed estate that once belonged to many terrible individuals whose bodies have left the planet, but not their demented souls.

Volcanic Wasteland – A barren region that is home to a (supposedly) dormant volcano and gargantuan savage beasts.

Infinitum Station – The massive orbiting station containing only the most advanced technology to explore the depths of space.

CSM Fortress – The fortress built by the villains that acts as their main base of operations and final stand.
Super Dream Party: General Information
The revised general information for Super Dream Party; the platformer crossover game idea between Super Mario Bros., Sonic The Hedgehog, Mega/Rock Man, Adventure Time and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. It isn't too different from it's previous version (it's still the barest of bones), but there are a few new bits of info, things that needed to be removed and some name changes. The most notable being the story changes, where instead of all the worlds being merged into one, it's just a few people from each world being brought to Arcobaln: contrived yes, but whatevs I'm a fanfic writer on DeviantArt I don't need to adhere to standards.

Also new is a bit of info regarding the original character Serata Lilibell, who will play a major role in the story of this game, as well as being implemented as part of the gameplay of the heroes. She's basically like the fairy companion you see in Legend of Zelda games, and more about her personality, powers and what she can do for the heroes will be revealed in the next deviation, which will be a revised version of the SDP Heroes info. Until then, take care everybody <3 

Super Mario Bros. is owned by Nintendo.

Sonic the Hedgehog is owned by Sega.

Mega Man is owned by Capcom.

Adventure Time is owned by Cartoon Network.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by Hasbro.

Serata Lilibell, The 10 Rampage and Arcobaln belong to me. 

Super Dream Party: Introductions

*Text in (brackets) indicates action*
*Text in (italic brackests) indicates the characters thoughts*
*Text in bold indicates emphasis*

~ Mario and Mega Man ~

Mega Man: So you’re Mario, right? Nice to meet you! (Extends hand)

Mario: (Shakes hand and nods while smiling) Mm-hm!  

Mario: ? (Taps finger on Mega Man’s hand, getting a metallic ‘dink’ sound)

Mega Man: Oh! Didn’t they tell you I’m a robot? I mean, I do have a human-like face but... wait; do robots exist in your world?

Mario: (Thinks, before nodding and then points at Mega Man while scratching his head)

Mega Man: (I guess that’s sort of a yes, but not robots like me...)

Mega Man: Well, robots like us are made to be able to think and feel on our own, just like other living beings. That doesn’t creep you out does it?

Mario: (Smiles before shaking head. He then gets an idea and pulls out a mushroom to give to Mega Man)  

Mega Man: Huh, a mushroom? Umm, I appreciate the gesture, but I wasn’t designed to be able to consume food like biological beings do. I get my energy through recharging.

Mario: (Makes a shocked face, before making a more melancholic one)

Mega Man: (He’s... upset? Did I offend him or something? He is from another world, so they’d probably have different customs; maybe I was supposed to accept the mushroom anyway? I don’t know what’ll happen if I try to eat it, but I don’t want to be rude either...)

Mega Man: Uh, I guess it can’t hurt to give it a try- huh?

Mario: (Eating the mushroom with a content look on his face)

Mega Man: (Oh, I didn’t even notice that until just now. Maybe it wasn’t such a big deal after all? This would all be a lot easier if he actually spoke to me...)

~ Sonic and Finn/Jake ~

Jake: (Stretches his finger to touch one of Sonic’s quills and gets pricked) Ow!

Sonic: I don’t know what else you were expecting. (Bluntly) I am a hedgehog.

Jake: Yeah, but I thought space hedgehogs would be different!

Sonic: (Space hedgehogs?)

Finn: They say you’re the fastest thing alive; are you like a ninja or something.

Sonic: Heh, nah I’m just a guy that likes exploring the world and going where the wind takes me!

Finn: Man that’s deep. Bet my sword’s sharper than your spines though! (Grabs out his Finn Sword)

Finn Sword: Yeah man! I’m sharper than the half-clipped toenail of a giant!

Sonic: (Did that sword just talk?!)

Jake: Yeah, and I got wicked stretching powers yo! (Stretches out and enlarges arms to give Finn a noogie)

Finn: Hahaha! Cut that out man!

Sonic: (Surprised) Whoa, that’s actually pretty cool.

Jake: Thanks, though for some reason I can’t seem to go as big as I used to. (Sad face)

Finn: He used to be able to grow super huge, but ever since we came to this dimension he’s been sort of lacking. Not saying you aren’t useful though!

Jake: (Smiling) Aww, thanks bro.

Sonic: Any skill we can get is appreciated right now. Who knows what other weird stuff we’re gonna find here?

Finn: Whatever we find, I’m ready for it! Nothing gets my blood pumping better than a good adventure!

Jake: Yeah! (Fist bumps Finn)

Sonic: (Smiles) I’m starting to like you dudes already.

~ Mario and Twilight ~

Twilight: Mario, is it? It’s a pleasure to mee-

Mario: (Immediately kneels down before her)

Twilight: Wh-what?

Twilight: (He must have been told I was a princess. I should be used to this kind of attitude toward me by now, but from a person that came from a world so different to mine is unexpected.)

Twilight: I-it’s ok, there’s no need for that. I’m not a big stickler for formality.

Mario: (Gets up)

Twilight: (From what I’ve been told, he and his brother are human. They’re a bit different to the ones I’ve seen before.)

Twilight: I hear you’re very popular where you’re from. What exactly do you do?

Mario: (Using charades, he demonstrates a routinely encounter with his nemesis Bowser to save Princess Peach)

Twilight: That’s... interesting.

Twilight: (Didn’t they tell me he was a plumber? How is this in any way related? Is all of that really a common occurrence? No, I shouldn’t be so ignorant. I’m sure this makes sense in his world, and I should be respectful about that. He’s a good person and I know it.)

Twilight: Mario, I have to admit that there are still a lot of questions I have about you, and it will take some time before I really understand you. But even still, I hope the two of us can become good allies. I know what it’s like to have so many people depend on you, look up to you and to be treated with higher regard than what you’re really comfortable with. I hope you, me and the others can connect through our similarities, learn from each other’s experiences and accept our differences, however strange they may seem to be. What do you say? (Extends hoof to shake)

Mario: (Sleeping on the ground; snoring and occasionally mumbling about Italian food)

Twilight: (Shocked) (He fell asleep?! Am I really that boring?)

~ Mega Man and Finn/Jake ~

Finn: Whoa cool...

Jake: A new robot pal! Awesome!

Mega Man: Well actually, in our world the term ‘robot’ applies to have a lot of different machines. I’m what’s called a Robot Master.

Finn and Jake: (Collective excited gasping) The Robot MASTER!

Mega Man: (Sweat drop) The? Oh no no no, there are plenty of other robots like me.

Finn: A whole world full of master robots?

Jake: Hardcore!

Mega Man: (I think there’s a misunderstanding. Maybe I should change the subject?)

Mega Man: So Finn, you’re a human right? You seem surprisingly powerful for one. Ah! N-not that to mean that all humans are inherently weak! It’s just that the humans in my world don’t rely so much on physical strength with robots around.

Finn: It’s cool brah. Yep, I’m the human all right!

Mega Man: (Again with ‘the’? Wait that’s right, I remember them telling me he was the last human in his world! I better change the subject... again.)  

Mega Man: How long have you two known each other?

Finn: Pretty much since I was born; he’s basically like my brother.

Jake: Yeah, Finn and I are tightskees.

Mega Man: (Tightskees?)

Jake: We’ve got a bond that transcends this physical realm; a bond so great that not even the rusty utility knife of Death itself can sever.

Finn: (Chuckling) Come on man, now you just sound like a nerd!

Jake: Only a nerd would call me a nerd, ya nerd! (Laughing)

Mega Man: (Smiling) (Dogs really are a man’s best friend)

~ Sonic and Twilight ~

Sonic: (Looks at Twilight with a quizzical expression) (She looks like something out of a six year-olds colouring book.)

Twilight: (Looking back at Sonic with a bewildered expression) (Hedgehogs sure are different outside of Equestria.)

Sonic: So is this your first in a situation like this?

Twilight: Huh?

Sonic: I mean like going to another dimension.

Twilight: Well I have a few times before, but this is all even weirder.

Sonic: Heh, you get used to it.

Twilight: This has happened to you before?

Sonic: Yep. It’s like I’m a magnet for the weird stuff. Not that I mind though, I’m always up for a new adventure!

Twilight: I heard you were one of the fastest things alive. I have a friend who boasts about the same thing.

Sonic: Oh?

Twilight: Her name is Rainbow Dash, and she can clear whole skies in-

Sonic: (Snickers)

Twilight: Hm?

Sonic: It’s just that these names you ponies have are ridiculously cutesy; it’s actually kind of hard to take you seriously.

Twilight: (Sad expression)

Sonic: Erm, sorry! I didn’t mean to insult you-

Twilight: It’s not that. Rainbow... my closest friends haven’t been found yet. I know that maybe I’m fretting a bit much considering this is such a large unfamiliar place, but I just can’t help but feel worried if something’s happened to them. Almost everyone else I’m really close to is ok, but for some reason not even that girl knows where they are.

Sonic: That may be the case for quite a few of us. We don’t know how many people from each of our worlds have come here, let alone who exactly. If we still haven’t found them, maybe they’re still in your world.

Twilight: That’s true but... I love them so much; we’ve been through so much together and I hate for us to be apart, especially in such an unfamiliar situation.

Twilight: (Shakes head) I-I’m sorry, I am worrying too much. I must sound a bit needy and selfish; you and the others are probably going through the same thing.

Sonic: Don’t worry about it. You shouldn’t feel selfish for missing your friends; being alone just sucks.

Sonic: (Smiles) besides, I think it’s a good opportunity to make some new friends.

Twilight: (Smiles)

~ Mario and Finn/Jake ~

Finn and Jake: (Looking at Mario with starry eyes)

Mario: ?

Jake: Could it be?

Finn: A human?

Mario: (Nods)

Finn and Jake: (Squeeing)

Finn: This is so cool! I’m a human too!

Jake: Wait, are there more humans in your world?

Mario: ... (Nods)

Finn: (Gasps)

Jake: Dude this is amazing! Who’da thought of all these different dimensions we’d actually see more humans!

Finn: Dude I can’t even explain how hyped I am to meet more humans! Show us what you can do man!

Mario: (Jumps high into the air and does a series of flips and turns before landing on the ground)

Finn and Jake: YEAH!! (Applauding)

Finn: This is so freaking math!

Jake: Yeah man! Say Mario, you got female humans in your world too right? I think it would be great to finally hook Finn up with someone his own species.

Finn: (Blushing) Wh-what?! Dude!

Mario: (Giggles)

Jake: Like maybe a princess or something? Finn’s always had a thing for royalty.

Finn: Come on man I don’t wanna deal with that junk right now!

Mario: (Glares coldly at Jake)

Finn and Jake: (!!)

Jake: U-u-ummm, f-forget what I said about princesses. A-any class I’m sure is totally fine!

Finn: Just drop it man we’ve already managed tick him off enough as it is!

Jake: (Man that’s scary; he was perfectly calm a second ago.)

~ Mega Man and Twilight ~

Mega Man: Princess Twilight Sparkle is it? Nice to meet you.

Twilight: Nice to meet you as well, and just call me Twilight.

Mega Man: No mean to offend you but out of all the people that came from different worlds, you’re the most... unique I’ve encountered.

Twilight: I understand, you’re a lot more different to the others as well... no offence. I’m just not used to seeing technology that’s advanced to the point of sentience.

Mega Man: And magic doesn’t really exist in our world; I suppose we both have quite a lot to learn from each other?

Twilight: (Smiles) I very much look forward to that. First however, we’re still going to have to get settled into this new world; Arcobaln.

Mega Man: (Nods) So far the inhabitants seem to be friendly. I get the feeling we’re going to attract a lot of attention, being aliens by technicality.

Twilight: As a princess, I’m used to that. My teacher’s working with the other princesses to try establish an alliance with the leaders of some of the countries. Hopefully we can get things set up so we have a place to stay, get resources that might help us get back to our homes and provide us with some legal protection from anyone who thinks we’re invaders.

Mega Man: That’s good to hear. My creator’s working with some of the other smart guys to get support from that research centre near the jungle area. They might be able to figure out what’s going on.

Twilight: They’re working really hard to sort things out. We should probably do our part as well.

Mega Man: I’m willing to help out this world or the other worlds the same way I would help my own. I hope the other guys feel the same way.

Twilight: I’m sure they do. Actually I was wondering.

Mega Man: What is it?

Twilight: We know that some really bad people from our worlds are here as well. I don’t want to doubt the defence forces of this world, but I believe it would help if we all took a stand against them together.

Mega Man: You mean like a team of fighters?

Twilight: Yes; personally I’d rather solve conflicts through more diplomatic methods, but I’m not above using force when I know someone intends to use what they have for nefarious purposes.

Mega Man: As am I. We should find out who the most experienced and skilled people from each of the other worlds are, and see if we can form a team to help Arcobaln fight back against the bad guys. I hope we can get at least one member from each world so we all have a good idea of we’re up against, but I won’t force anyone to join if they don’t want to.

Twilight: That sounds reasonable. Once we’ve all properly introduced ourselves to each other, we’ll get to talking about forming the team.

~ Sonic and Mega Man ~

Sonic: Sooooo, a robot huh?

Mega Man: They’re common in your world, if I’m not mistaken?

Sonic: Yeah... (For better or worse)

Mega Man: Don’t worry, I’m not bothered. Robots in my world are constantly used for evil as well; I do what it takes to protect innocents, and I’m sure you do so as well.

Sonic: (Smiles) I’m glad it’s like that. Speaking of which, there’s one thing about this situation that I keep thinking about.

Mega Man: What’s that?

Sonic: We’ve already faced off against people who hate our guts, including some arch nemesis’s and some of their mooks. They’re gone for now, and I get the feeling they’ll come back for more; that much I think is true. What I’m curious about is what they’ll be up to in Arcobaln, and what’ll happen when they meet each other.

Mega Man: I can’t say much about the other villains, but I know Dr. Wily well enough to know that in spite of how highly he thinks of himself, he’ll still resort to any means to try take over the world. On the other hand though, this situation’s a bit different since we’re in a completely different world.

Sonic: You think he would want to try get back home?

Mega Man: I would think so, but I get the feeling that he would want to try conquer this one as well.

Sonic: I can see Eggman doing the same thing; he doesn’t seem too different to Wily, actually. I wonder...

Mega Man: (!) You don’t suppose... they’d team up?

Sonic: Eggman isn’t really the sharing type, but in the place he is now he probably doesn’t have enough machines to tackle this Arcobaln’s defence forces. It wouldn’t be too farfetched to think that he’d team up with another robotics expert.

Mega Man: What about the bad guys from the other worlds? They’re different in ability, but apparently most of them have the same desires of taking over everything and being nasty in general.

Sonic: I’m not too sure about the others. Saying that though, I’ve heard that they have it out for the other guys the same way Eggman and Wily have it out for us. It’s possible that, if they all met up in the same way we’re doing right now, that they might come to an agreement and help each other out; not just to take over the world, but get rid of us.

Mega Man: ... That’s a pretty scary thought. We should get prepared for anything as soon as possible.

~ Finn/Jake and Twilight ~

Twilight: You two must be Finn and Jake! It’s a pleasure to meet-

Finn and Jake: (Both immediately kneel down before her)

Finn: We are humbled by your presence, your highness.

Jake: We are at your service, Horse Princess.

Twilight: Wh-what?! (Again with this? I suppose they have a monarchic society as well, but even still I didn’t expect this kind of respect so quickly! And where did ‘Horse Princess’ come from?)

Twilight: There’s no need for any of that, really. I’m okay with more casual interactions. Also, call me Twilight; for the record I’m actually the Princess of Friendship, not horses.

Finn and Jake: (Both immediately get up)

Finn: Ah ok; I’m totally down with that.

Jake: Whatever you say, Friendship Princess. So who is Horse Princess then?

Twilight: (Wow, they became informal quickly, not that it bothers me.) Once again, just call me Twilight. Also there is no ‘Horse Princess’.

Jake: I thought you were from the Horse Kingdom though?

Twilight: It’s called Equestria, and actually we have multiple princesses.

Finn: Oh, our world’s like that too!

Jake: We actually have a lot of princess friends. Finn being human, me being a magic dog and the both of us being gnarly heroic legends gives us a pretty mad rep.

Twilight: So that’s what Finn was; I couldn’t place a finger on it but I thought there was something about Finn that felt familiar.

Finn: (Excited) You have humans in your world?

Twilight: Not exactly; I’ve travelled to an alternate dimension where there were humans instead of ponies. I actually get transformed into a human whenever I go there.

Jake: Oh thank goodness, I was worried that not all of us have experienced the joy of hands.

Twilight: You don’t seem too fazed by all of this. Have you two done this before?

Finn: Sorta. Our worlds diverse enough, but I have travelled to an Astral Plane before.

Jake: Yeah, and I got killed a few times so I hung out for a bit in the Dead World. It’s pretty cool I guess.

Twilight: (Stares completely shocked at Jake)

Finn: Dude, you gotta stop bringing the conversation around that way.

~ Mario and Sonic ~

Mario: (Stares fiercely into Sonic’s eyes)

Sonic: (Does the same thing, with a smirk on his face)

Sonic: ...

Mario: ...

Mega Man, Finn, Jake and Twilight: (Watching the staring contest from a distance)

Jake: I think I missed something, what’s going on here?

Mega Man: I don’t know. I was just talking to Sonic not too long ago, and then he noticed Mario and immediately went silent. They walked up to each other and they haven’t done anything since.

Finn: How long have they been doing that?

Mega Man: I lost track of the time. It feels like a long time though.

Twilight: It’s almost like there’s some sort of unresolved tension. Do you think they know each other?

Jake: I don’t know, but it definitely feels pretty intense.

Twilight: I hope they don’t end up fighting...

Mario and Sonic: Hmph. (Both smile and then walk off in different directions)

Finn: Well that was anticlimactic. (I was kind of hoping they would fight.)

Twilight: I’m not so sure it’s over. Let’s hope this doesn’t make things complicated.

~ The Super Dream Party ~

(Some time after they introduced themselves, they went off to find other people to help them make a team to fight against evil. The six of them are back where they first were when they talked to each other and are now standing around in a circle.)

Sonic: Back here again, huh? So who’d everyone bring?

Mega Man: Erm, this is a bit awkward but, I’m the only one around from my world that seems to be up for this. Most of Dr. Light’s other robots are for housekeeping or back-up, and one of my brothers, Cut Man, says he’d rather stay at the research centre to protect the scientists.

Twilight: That’s understandable. I’m the only one from Equestria that’s available as well. Princess Celestia and Luna are busy dealing with the leaders here, Zecora’s not much of an action type, and the rest are too young.

Sonic: They should focus on what they’re good at to help us. Usually my pal Tails would be around to pitch in, but he’s with Dr. Light to help with the inventions. Cream is too young for this kind of thing and Amy... I just don’t want to be around.

Jake: (Wow, talk about cold.)

Finn: Didn’t you say something about an echidna guy? He sounded like a good fighter.

Sonic: Knuckles? That girl said he was here, but I haven’t seen him around. He’s probably busy protecting this really powerful gem called the Master Emerald. He’s kind of a lone wolf anyway. What about you two?

Jake: Bubblegum’s with the other princesses, we left BMO with my girlfriend, and LSP just said “Whatever”. Marceline is probably around somewhere too, but she isn’t really the type to play the hero.

Twilight: How about you Mario?

Mario: (Shakes head, and using yet more charades demonstrates that Luigi decided to stay with Princess Peach as a bodyguard)

Mega Man: Ok, so... it’s just the six of us again?

Finn: I guess so. Weird.

Sonic: There’s something weirder. I might not be remembering correctly, but in a dream I had before waking up here I saw people that kinda looked like you guys.

Twilight: I was going to say the same thing! I didn’t notice it until you brought it up, but it’s like I’ve seen you all in a dream before.

Jake: (Batting eyelashes) Aww, are you calling us dreamy?

Mega Man: I may be a robot, but occasionally I have dreams as well. Did you guys see a whole bunch of white cubes that come from nowhere to create obstacles?

Sonic and Twilight: Yes? Wait what? (Both look at each other)

Finn: We saw that too.

Mega Man: We?

Jake: Finn and I share dreams all the time. The last one I had you guys were there too.

Sonic: Wait, wait wait...

Twilight: Just to clarify; did we all have a dream before we woke up in Arcobaln that involved white cubes and seeing each other?

Mega Man: Yes.

Sonic: Yeah.

Finn and Jake: Yup.

Mario: Mm-hm. (Nods head)

All of them: .....

Jake: It’s gotta be destiny.

Mega Man: Huh?

Jake: We all had the same dream where we saw each other, then we were all found by that fairy that helped us find each other’s friends and led us all together, and now we’re the only ones available to form a team to fight against evil. Doesn’t that sound like, prophetic?

Twilight: (I think that sounds suspicious...)

Sonic: (Chuckles) I say you’re looking to into it. That being said, I’ve been able to take on old Egghead by myself all the time. If you guys are like that with your archenemies, then a team with just us should be enough to take on anything.

Twilight: You really think the six of us is going to be good enough? We still don’t know what might come at us.

Sonic: That’s true, but didn’t you tell me about how you and five other ponies have been able to save the day with just the power of friendship?

Twilight: ... You have a point there.

Finn: Yeah! And instead of friendship, we have swords, stretchy bods, kung-fu, cannons and wicked magic!

Mega Man: At the risk of sounding cheesy, I think we can do it if we just give it our best.

Mario: Yes!

Twilight: Well if it’s just a team of us... (Smiles) I think that’s good enough as well.

Jake: Awesome! So now that we have that out of the way, what should we call ourselves?

Mega Man: Uuuh, the Good Alliance?

Sonic: (Bluntly) That sounds awful.

Twilight: The Elements of... Adventure?

Mario: (Shakes head)

Jake: What about Cotton Kitten Kisses?

Sonic: (Ignoring Jake) Freedom Fighters?

Finn: Why would we fight against freedom?

Sonic: What? No! I meant as in-

Mario: ★ Super Dream Party

Everyone else: (Eyes drawn to Mario)

Mega Man: (I guess he just talks when he feels like it.)

Jake: ...I kinda like it.

Mega Man: Well we did first meet in a dream.

Finn: I think the ‘Party’ bit at the end is cool.

Twilight: If it’s okay with you guys I’ll accept it.

Sonic: Hehe, it’s the corniest thing I’ve ever heard, but I think that’s what adds a bit of charm to it.

Finn: So it’s agreed then?

Sonic: I suppose it is. The six of us are officially the Super Dream Party!

Mario: (Extend right hand into the centre of the group circle)

Mega Man: (Does the same) Then for the sake of all the ones we care about in our worlds...

Sonic, Finn, Jake and Twilight: (Both follow suit of Mario and Mega Man)

Sonic: And all the innocent people of Arcobaln...

Twilight: We will combine our efforts to fight back against injustice and bring peace and harmony to everyone!

Jake: We’re the Super Dream Party, baby!

(Everyone looks at each other and smiles, and not a few seconds later a mystic light begins to form above their hands, getting their attention.)

Mega Man: That’s-!

(The light begins to fade and a small, winged humanoid projection comes into vision; it’s four moth-like eyes open up)

Jake: You’re back!

Sonic: I was wondering when you were gonna visit us next.

????: Please forgive me; right now my magic isn’t strong enough to keep this communicator apparition active for very long.

Mario: (Stares at the fairy-like being)

????: It would be easier if we met in person, but for now it’s better that I stay where I am.

Mega Man: At least you’re here now; we’ve been waiting for a while now. I’m sure you know why.

????: ...

Twilight: You have a lot of explaining to do...

Finn: Serata Lilibell.

Serata: O-oh dear...
Super Dream Party: Introductions
At last. Two months since I last did something, and over a whole year since I did anything related to Super Dream Party (formerly known as Super Dream Brigade). I had always been wanting to continue this project, but had a writer's block and other stuff that kind of crashed it. Now I'm tackling it again from the ground up; everything that I've done before I will redo and all the stuff that I wanted to do will finally be done. In addition, there will be plenty of things that I didn't intend to be in the original version that will be here, including this deviation. 

It's basically just a writing exercise for when I get to writing up the story. This will be the format of the script, and I find it easier writing it up this way; hopefully you guys like it like this as well. I thought that one of the first things I should do for this is do a bit of a what-if with how the heroes would interact with each other. Additionally, it also has a few reveals about what's going on in the story. I should definitely mention that these events don't actually happen in the beginning. By the time the heroes have met, they had already gone through a few intro stages and fought against an archenemy of someone else. They've also met some of the good guys from other worlds, and this meeting is set a few days after almost everyone else has introduced each other and are slowly settling into the world of Arcobaln. Finally, there's the reveal of Serata Lilibell, a character I created for the new version that plays a very big role in the story. More on her later. 

I'm really glad to be getting back to this project, as I've always been wanting to do a platformer type idea. I hope you guys like it as well, because this is pretty much going to be my main focus for quite a while. Constructive criticism is heavily encouraged, as I really want to be good at writing stuff. Tell me about things like word choices and placement, how easy it is to understand and characterization; especially in the case of Mario whom I've decided to make a mime character like he is in the main series, albeit occasionally saying a few names and phrases, but otherwise communicating with things like charades and other methods seen in the RPG games of the Mario franchise. Next up is going to be the redone version of the General Information. So until then, take care everybody <3 

Super Mario Bros. is owned by Nintendo.

Sonic the Hedgehog is owned by Sega.

Mega Man is owned by Capcom.

Adventure Time is owned by Cartoon Network.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by Hasbro. 

Still got barely anything done. I seriously need to be more focused and not so easily distracted by Youtube and Tumblr stuff. If it's any consolation, I may have finally got a good start and idea on what to actually do. Also I found a sure-fire way to seduce literally anyone. Here: 

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Violets are blue 
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