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when you get a hug from your crush

Tfw U Get A Hug From Ur Crush by JellyMayCry

(serious journal some time later) 
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Forget to mention it earlier but yeah. It's vanilla.cream.killy, or Kane Latcham I don't entirely know how it works and what I'm referred to as. So if you got Skype and wanna add me go on ahead, though there's a good chance that time zone differences will be limiting. 
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Absa Name And Title1 by JellyMayCry

Absa Large by JellyMayCry

I already love her. 
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Super Dream Party Characters: Villains and Rivals

The Collaboration of Superior Masterminds (CSM) – While there are many good people from the various universes that were brought to Arcobaln, there are also many bad people who have come as well. Five treacherous masterminds, one from each world, were all villainous types back in their own world, and are just as villainous now. Incidentally enough, the members of the Super Dream Party are those who have thwarted the villains time and time again, thus fuelling anger and vengeance into their already dastardly hearts. Just like most good members of their worlds, the members that would eventually comprise the CSM were once confused and antagonistic towards one another; but after learning that they had quite a few things in common, whether it be a desire to take over the world, being a jerk, or having that one meddlesome pest constantly in their way, they developed a mutual understanding and respect. Realizing that while those nasty do-gooders may defeat them on their own, they won’t be any match for the combined power, genius, magic, trickery and leadership of all five of these fiends. Bowser, Eggman, Wily, Magic Man and Chrysalis! Together, they seek to combine their forces and take over not only Arcobaln, but all the other dimensions as well! Will they be stopped by the Super Dream Party? Or shall they succeed in their nefarious plans? With a fearsome new creation made from the efforts of these evil-doers, the CSM may be the ones victorious after all!

King Bowser – The mighty, monstrous dragon-like king of the Koopas, Bowser is a cruel tyrant who will crush anyone that dares get between him and his plans for conquest or Princess Peach, who he believes he is entitled to have as wife. Ruthless, commanding and very rude, Bowser’s frightening appearance matches his mean personality, and while he isn’t always the brightest bulb in the box (especially when compared to other members of the CSM), his intimidation and determination are traits that more than make up for it. He can easily send his foes flying with a single punch if he hasn’t already crushed him with his massive weight, and combined with his impenetrable spiked shell and blazing fire breath, Bowser is easily the best at direct combat in the group, relying only on his own power instead of machines, sorcery or trickery. The majority of his army consists of Goombas and Koopas, but he still has a very diverse array of minions for different areas and has a multitude of airships to fight with. Mario has been putting a stop to him over and over and over and over and OVER again for countless years, and is now willing to swallow his pride and work alongside techno geeks and creepy spell-casters to finally rid him once and for all.

Doctor Ivo ‘Eggman’ Robotnik – The rotund scientist that boasts an IQ of 300, he is an expert with machines and will use any methods he can to ensure that one day his dreams of Eggmanland will come true. He enjoys gloating and believes that villainy should go with a touch of finesse and style, although he is also very immature and borderline child-like when things don’t go his way, although that doesn’t quite nullify the fact that he is a genius not just with robotics, but also at manipulation and thinking ahead. He’s not afraid to take care of matters himself as he can pilot many different machines used for taking pesky little rodents thanks to his highly adaptable and spherical Egg Mobile, and will take the best advantage he can out of different situations. His army of badniks come in various shapes and sizes, from the egg pawns shaped similarly to him to the more animal-like robots, and are all powered by innocent animals that are unwittingly used as a power source for these mean machines. In all his years of trying to conquer the world, not once has he truly succeeded thanks to that stinking blue hedgehog Sonic, and was actually the one who first proposed the idea of the CSM to the other villains, believing that they’ll be certain to win against their arch-nemesis when they put their combined abilities together.

Doctor Albert Wily – The brilliant robot engineer that has tried many times to conquer the world with his deadly robot masters and out of everyone in the CSM, he and Dr. Eggman get along the most well due to their similarities and better people skills. Dr. Wily is a man that believes the world should consider him the greatest mind of all time, and will use trickery and other underhanded methods of obtaining his goals; that would make sense considering he’s a big coward that will try to beg himself out of bad situations, but when he feels he has the upper hand it’s most likely he is at a good advantage. Like Eggman, Wily fights through various different machines that he designed himself (if the constant skull motif is any indication) and gets around mostly using his Wily Capsule, and his gigantic robots practically steam roll most enemies. His robots are tailor fit for different combat situations that take advantage of the environment they are situated in, but they don’t even begin to compare to the Robot Masters; a group of highly advanced robots similar to Mega Man, and have a wide array of attacks and manoeuvres to take down those that dare challenge them. Mega Man has constantly destroyed his fortresses and humiliated him, but no more! With the combined armies of the CSM, he is sure to finally rule the world! (E-erm, alongside all the other evil allies of course...)

Magic Man – The malevolent and psychopathic spell-caster that loves nothing more than to be a big nuisance to everyone and doesn’t care about the damage he does to anyone so long as he has fun doing it. Finn and Jake are both baffled by Magic Man having his powers back after witnessing first-hand his loss of the use of magic and thus becoming a normie; but somehow he’s back, albeit weaker than usual, which would explain his pragmatic alliance with the other villains. Needless to say, the word ‘Jerk’ is usually the first thing that comes to mind when describing this strangely-clothed Martian, and will screw over anyone he feels like, especially if it’s a life or death situation. His magic powers, while not as good as before, are still quite deadly; he can create portals in thin air to get himself around and avoid attacks, and he is also quite skilled with transforming animals and objects into different things amongst other sneaky tricks. While usually one that does his own thing, Magic Man has recently become interested with the forbidden arts of summoning abstract creatures that appear to be made from humanoid body parts mixed and matched in strange combinations. He does indeed have a specific interest in Finn and Jake, though not for the reasons anyone suspects. Despite being in a group filled with people who are dastardly, even his new allies are a little disgusted by the extent of his cruelty. Anyone from the Land of Ooo from which this mad warlock hails from will admit that there’s something very off about him…

Queen Chrysalis – The queen of the changeling race that uses deceit to trick people so that she may absorb their love and become more powerful, and wishes to eventually become the most powerful being in the world; without absorbing love or the help of her changelings, however, she is very weak and as a result joins with the other villains so that she can gather up victims until she can eventually grow stronger than all other life-forms once more. Selfish, manipulative and in spite of being able to absorb love, she has no room in her heart for anyone but herself, her children (maybe) and her impeccable singing voice. Just like the two doctors in the CSM, she easily shrinks into cowardice when she hasn’t got any tricks up her sleeves (or hoof holes or whatever they are). She has the power to change her shape into any person she has seen and uses it as a disguise so that she can secretly absorb love and eventually render victims catatonic, thereby gaining an increase of power relative to the amount of love she has taken; with love being something the SDP and their allies have a lot of, she may very well treat herself to a gourmet. Her changeling army isn’t very strong individually, but through ambushes in large numbers and the ability to change shape, the heroes will have to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity unless they want to get captured. The one chance she had at ruling over Equestria was ruined thanks to the persistence of Twilight Sparkle, who had revealed her true nature and helped the pony that would banish her escape from the prison made by Chrysalis, and boy can’t she wait to annihilate that accursed princess for shattering her perfect day.

10 Rampage – This colossal creation is the figurative child born from the machinery of Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily, the magic of Queen Chrysalis and Magic Man, the super-heated core made possible by King Bowser’s flame and unknown source of energy; how the CSM acquired to the resources to make this monstrosity is unknown. It takes the form of a gigantic, mechanical, heavily-armoured core with 10 massive, snake-like robots, referred to as ONI Heads, jutting from it that can also detach when need be, each with their own powers represented by a symbol on their neck and a certain number of eyes, noses, mouths, ears, horns and bunches of synthetic hair to signify the order of creation. Despite having ten heads, they all think exactly as one and have the same personality. Chaotic and vicious, the 10 Rampage loves nothing more than to fight, and while it doesn’t have a digestive system, it certainly loves devouring anything it can. However, it also has what could be considered a noble fighting spirit, and will only fight anyone with one Oni Head at a time in a duel that they have consented to, as it believes that any fight should be fair and practiced with honour. While it’s desire to fight honourably often conflicts with the ideals of its masters, the 10 Rampage has been programmed to be eternally loyal to the CSM, and it’s very being is not only a testament to the new friendship (if it can be called that) for the leaders of the CSM, but also (arguably) proof that nothing can stop the dastardly team of villains from ruling over the universe.

ONI Head 1: Flame - Armed with several flamethrowers, this head brings destruction wherever it treads. It is the first of its kind and the strongest head, although this wasn’t originally the intention it ended up having the most upgrades thanks to Bowser’s favouritism.

ONI Head 2: Water - Filled with thousands of gallons of water that it can spray at dangerously high pressure, this head is can flood entire areas in seconds and blast fortified barriers apart. Its body is also made to traverse through aquatic territory at a fast speed.

ONI Head 3: Metal - With several weapons installed and a magnetic field that can be manipulated with precision, facing this beast is the same as taking on a whole army. The many devices within range from sawblades, cannons, wrecking balls, massive barriers and more.

ONI Head 4: Poison - The chemical contained within this head is an oozy compound that can easily infect any living thing and destroy cells at will, or spawn deadly plant-life; as a safety measure there is also an antidote contained within in case its creators accidentally come in contact with the substance.

ONI Head 5: Earth - This head has a special armor that allows it to drill through hard surfaces and burrow beneath areas. It also has powerful pistons and compactors that produce shockwaves and can blow apart rocks with ease. This one in particular enjoys eating gemstones.

ONI Head 6: Wind - The armor of this head can fold out into a more aerodynamic form that allows it to terrorise the skies. It also has multiple fans that suck and blow to create huge vortexes, and has special cannons that can shoot highly-concentrated waves of air.

ONI Head 7: Light - Averting the stereotype of light always being good, this head can bend rays of light to camouflage itself in broad daylight, allowing for sneaky ambushes (which would be infinitely more effective if it didn’t warn its enemies about them). It can also concentrates light into solar beams that can incinerate foes.

ONI Head 8: Ice - Effectively a massive mobile refrigerator, this head uses its extremely low temperatures to shift the environment a slippery wasteland and shape ice into deadly weaponry. Like the 4th head, this one has a safety measure that allows it to heat up small areas so that its creators (or even enemies) don’t freeze over in its presence.

ONI Head 9: Electricity - The many conductor spikes around its body gives this vicious head the likeness of a spiny electric eel, and it’s power matches its appearance. It can release deadly charges of electricity with several loads of giga-volts that fry enemies in seconds.

ONI Head 10: Darkness - With its 10 eyes, 10 noses, 10 mouths, 10 ears, 10 horns and 10 bunches of hair, this head is easily the most terrifying to look at, and the borderline eldritch appearance is made no better with its power to not only remove light to create total darkness, but also form physical matter through the thick darkness.

Rivals – Though there are a few that were once evil (two in particular were created by members of the CSM), none of the people below can truly be called evil and for the most part aren’t affiliated with the CSM. They just happen to have some business with certain heroes of the SDP themselves, and don’t want a group of losers stealing their thunder. As such they are largely unconcerned with their appearance in Arcobaln, and don’t care much for the Palnos unless they get in their way.

Wario – Greedy, nasty and not caring much for other people, Wario could be considered the opposite side of the coin of Mario. Lazy and never usually putting any extra thought or effort into his actions, Wario’s only real motivation to do anything appears to be centered on making money or acquiring treasures; although (very) occasionally he’ll show a small soft spot. Despite his goofy appearance, this yellow fellow is a competent brawler. He has great strength which puts through his shoulder charges, and slam the ground with enough force to trip over anyone not expecting the attack. Wario also owns a motorcycle that he loves racing around in and gets a kick out of smoking anyone in his way. Give him enough garlic and he’ll unleash a silent yet very deadly attack from either end. While Mario did defeat him once in the past, Wario doesn’t usually have any real problems with the plumber. However, the CSM has offered a pretty bounty for the downfall of the SDP, and with quick cash always being top priority for the overweight gold-grabber, Wario is hoping to get to Mario and his friends before anyone else can try take his well-earned dosh.

Metal Sonic – An advanced robot built by Dr. Eggman with the design being directly based on his arch-nemesis Sonic. Unlike the inspiration for his appearance, Metal Sonic is cold and is not really fond of anyone (his own creator included); he’ll use any means possible to become the strongest being alive and is utterly ruthless in his actions. He is able to match the speed of his biological counterpart, and also many other dangerous weapons built inside him to take down those who stand in his way. From his razor-sharp claws to his electrical discharges and energy barriers, this mechanical foe is far more capable than any other mook created by Eggman; his lack of true loyalty being the sole reason why he is not as abundant. There have been many iterations of Metal Sonic, each more dangerous than the last, though this model appears to be a cross between his design during Eggman’s invasion on the Little Planet and Neo Metal Sonic. Seeing Dr. Eggman as a mere nuisance, Metal Sonic now only acts on his own agenda, and desires nothing more than to rid the world of that blue hedgehog so that he can claim himself to be the true Sonic.

Bass – A robot master built by Dr. Wily with the sole purpose of matching Mega Man’s abilities and destroying him. Bass incredibly arrogant, bad-tempered and prideful and is practically obsessed with defeating Mega Man once and for all; his determination is commendable, but his overconfidence and single-minded goal always get the better of him. Bass thinks that Wily is incompetent and refuses to take his orders anymore, and the only one that he trusts and considers a friend is his robotic wolf companion Treble. He is indeed able to go toe-to-toe with his blue nemesis, as his Bass Buster allows him to fire shots at a rapid pace, and his dashing ability allows him to keep up with Mega Man’s slide. Alongside having a copying ability similar to his good rival, Treble assists Bass in much the same way Rush helps Mega, able to use vicious attacks and combine with his master into a powerful form capable of flight and shooting destructive bursts of energy. Despite the unusual circumstances, Bass is determined to finish Mega Man once and for all.

Ice King – A wizard who has the ability to manipulate ice and freeze enemies, and while this would sound pretty dangerous in most cases, it’s not such a problem when dealing with Ice King. Despite his power, the Ice King is not very good in the logic and reasoning department and most of the time acts like a total loon with little coherency, decency and true respect for others. He doesn’t usually mean any real harm, and only wants to be friends with Finn and Jake and to have a princess for a wife. Though he usually comes off as a perverted old fool, his words sometimes slip out tragic implications; not many know of his past as Simon Petrikov. Idiocy aside, Ice King’s powers are still nothing to be taken lightly. Forming ice and snow not only to make weapons and armor, but also sentient monsters to attack his enemies (if they feel like it), this wizard’s power has vast potential. He also has a small army of penguins, though they aren’t useful for really anything aside from smashing things and being cute. Being a creepy, senile lunatic that lives rather poorly doesn’t really land a guy many buddies. Nevertheless, Ice King is determined to make Finn, Jake and their new allies his best friends for life, and he even hears there’s a cute princess on their side too!

Discord – A strange mismatched yet powerful being that has powers similar to his crazy appearance, which is basically any form of magic that can cause chaos. Discord is a mischievous being that enjoys toying with his foes, and before being reformed by Twilight and her friends (mainly Fluttershy), was willing to do anything he can to stir up mayhem in all forms. After an episode where he betrayed the trust of those who gave him a second chance, and in turn was brutally betrayed himself, Discord had a large change of heart and has since become a lot more willing to keep the friendships he’s made; what fun is there in pandemonium when only one person is laughing? Though his personality is jovial, this serpentine creature should always be taken seriously as an opponent. Similar to Magic Man, he can bend reality and create events that people would only imagine after eating something really spice before bedtime. Discord’s power is mostly used for fun, but when he’s willing to get serious, boy does he get serious. Arcobaln seems like a fun holiday spot which Discord is not hesitating to enjoy, but his antics are getting a bit out of hand for everyone else; he claims that he’s just having fun, but perhaps the disappearance of Fluttershy has driven him to dark recesses.

Robot Masters – Just like Mega Man, these are no ordinary robots as they have sufficiently advanced technology that allows them free will, human-like personality and feelings. Dr. Wily has either kidnapped or reprogrammed or create his own robot masters so that they can occupy different areas in Arcobaln for various purposes and to destroy Mega Man. The CSM has revived a select few robot masters to occupy 15 different areas where they detect the most energy and to carry out different missions. They each have their own unique abilities, attacks and strategies, and they will surely be no easy foe for Mega Man to face. The CSM and their minions better watch out though, for upon defeating a robot master, Mega Man can earn their weapon and use it to make him even stronger than before!

DLN. 004 Guts Man – Guts Man is a large, burly robot originally designed by Dr. Light for use in land reclamation and construction before being reprogrammed by Wily. While he can be hot-tempered, impatient and unreasonable at times, he still cares deeply for the wellbeing of his colleagues, is passionate about his job and is sentimental. He is much more intelligent than his mannerisms would suggest, and also has an interest in karaoke. As his size and structure may imply, Guts Man is by far one of the physically strongest robot masters, easily lifting rocks of over two tons with little effort thanks to his mighty Super Arm. His weight also allows him to knock enemies off their feet simply by jumping into the air and causing a shockwave. He is in Stardust City doing secret construction work beneath the city to build a power plant that absorbs the large amount of energy found in the area for the CSM.

DWN. 009 Metal Man – The first robot master to be built by Dr. Wily, he was created specifically for combat with his high agility and razor-sharp, ceramic titanium saw blades. He is a quick and efficient worker with dry wit and a reputation amongst his colleagues for being sarcastic and sometimes shady. Due to a design flaw, he was vulnerable to Mega Man’s buster and even his own weapon; however, Wily still saw some potential in him, and decided to upgrade him to be a bit more sturdy and give him a new power. Along with his already deadly Metal Blades, Metal Man can now generate high amounts of electricity and combine them with his iron to form the Electric Gear, a high-voltage barrier that can deliver powerful shocks to anything that contacts it. Wily ordered him to oversee operations at the newly-taken Bronze Industries, and he has been vital in the fast and efficient production of the mechanical forces of the CSM.

DWN. 024 Shadow Man – Little is known of the origin of this mysterious robot, as his metal body does not match any material found on Earth; he was found by Dr. Wily who reprogrammed him to be an assassin. He enjoys surprising people more than anything else, befitting of his ninja-like appearance, and when he is in direct combat he will as many techniques as he practically can to keep his opponent off guard. While he’s not exactly the most honourable robot master, he is not above respecting those that can match his skill. Just like a ninja, Shadow Man is skilled in martial arts and can use various ninjutsu magic to trick and gain the upper hand on his target. His main weapon of choice, the Shadow Blade, is a large hira shuriken that’s coated with a deadly alien substance and will return to the user after they throw it. Not only that, but Shadow Man can also transport instantly to the position of his Shadow Blade via the substance, allowing for sneak attacks. He is sent on a mission to discretely gather information about the new world and learn its secrets from the Mark-Stone Museum.

DWN. 028 Pharaoh Man – A pyramid exploration robot with a design based off Egyptian pharaohs who was originally built by Dr. Mikhail Cossack, a scientist who was forced by Wily to build robot masters to fight Mega Man as he had kidnapped his daughter Kalinka, and after Wily was defeated Cossack, Mega Man and Dr. Light became friends. Pharaoh Man is a charismatic and brave leader who does not tolerate disrespect to either himself, his colleagues, Dr. Cossack or Kalinka, and is said to have thousands of robots who work for him, but he becomes timid whenever he is near beautiful women. He is able to harness solar energy and gather it into a superheated sphere known as the Solar Eye that can burn anything it touches. He is also able summon robots hidden in various places to attack his enemies or to defend himself. Pharaoh Man is once again under Wily’s control, and this time is sent to find out information on the whereabouts of ancient energy in the Golden Desert area.

DWN. 039 Napalm Man – Napalm Man was created by Dr. Wily to protect his secret weapons factory, where he would spend his spare time collecting and searching for weapons to upgrade himself with. Befitting of his tank-like design, Napalm Man is a big weapons enthusiast that go on for hours about any weapon, and he even built his own weapons museum (which he accidentally blew up after getting furious with a visitor who called it boring). Because he’s considered a walking weapon, his allies feel (understandably) uncomfortable around him, and doesn’t have too many friends. However, he is very loyal and is more intelligent and diplomatic than most people would assume, as he is as much of an expert with negotiation as he is with weapons. He has many missile launchers stored in his body, but those don’t compare to his destructive Napalm Bomb, a bomb that bounces for a short time before exploding and showering the area with miniature explosives. Napalm Man is currently in the Dragon Mountain area overseeing secret mining operations.

DWN. 042 Centaur Man – This quadrupedal robot with a design based on creature of Greek mythology originally worked as a tour guide in an old archaeology museum, and had also entered in the 1st Annual Robot Tournament before being captured by Dr. Wily and getting modified for combat. While Centaur Man is strong-willed and well known for being good at making quick and effective decisions, he is also a deep thinker that dwells a bit too much on past regrets. He also enjoys gambling in his spare time, which may or may not contribute to the regrets he thinks about. Centaur Man is one of the most mysterious robots in terms of power, as he is able to use the Mystic Flash; a weapon that can distort space and temporarily stop time at the cost of a large amount of energy. To make up for his large energy consumption, he is also equipped with a special buster that can shoot arrow-shaped lasers that split into energy pellets upon impact to cause further damage. Being very fast and well designed for pursuit, Dr. Eggman requested that he be placed in the Faery Verdure area to gather up and capture the native animals for the overweight scientist to use as an energy source for his badniks. Having such a large, open area to run around in also gives Centaur Man plenty of fresh air and time to think.

DWN. 055 Shade Man – A robot master with a design based on a traditional vampire, he was originally an attraction robot of the haunted house in an amusement park before being reprogrammed by Dr. Wily. Wily had installed sound wave equipment intended for controlling human minds, but due to a wiring error it instead caused powerful destructive waves. Shade Man has a dandy and charming personality, and much like vampires in fiction, he likes dark places, hanging on ceilings and tomato juice (and hates garlic) although he is afraid of ghosts and spiders. He wants to become a singer and practices constantly to try improve his poor voice, but to no avail. He is able to shriek loudly to the point of creating powerful sound waves that bounce of surfaces and can not only be amplified by the user to become even more powerful, but can also drain the energy directly from an enemy and bring it back to the user; an attack known as the Vampire Noise. Shade Man can also swoop down to grab enemies to either drain their energy himself or hypnotize them. Fitting his appearance, the CSM had him situated in the Forbidden Estate area to investigate and report information regarding the energy extraction techniques hidden in the journals of a deranged lord that once lived there.

DWN. 057 Tengu Man – This airborne robot master is designed after Japanese wind goblin, and was created by Dr. Wily to occupy mountain and sky areas and to destroy Mega Man. Tengu Man’s arrogance and pride is almost on par with even Bass, and has an independent spirit who doesn’t like having connections with society. Not only has he fought for Wily, but he was also recruited by the robot master King to be given a second chance to defeat Mega Man, of whom Tengu Man holds a grudge against for already humiliating him once. He can fly at high-speeds, slash at enemies with his retractable triple-bladed arm weapon and summon cutting blades of air and tornadoes that blow enemies off into their doom known as the Tornado Slash. Tengu Man is brought back for a third time to try reclaim his title as a powerful robot master and this time has been promoted by the CSM to be the captain of the giant airship squadron sent on a mission to occupy the skies of Arcobaln.

DLN. 067 Splash Woman – The only female robot master that Mega Man has ever fought and sadly enough is also a robot created by Dr. Light and was scheduled to be scrapped after her period of use had expired. Dr. Wily had come to her and a few of her other robot brethren and tricked them into becoming his servants to fight Mega Man, take over the world and frame Dr. Light. Splash Woman’s design is based off a mermaid from popular folklore and fittingly enough her job was to rescue victims of sinking ships and other marine accidents; her design makes her an excellent swimmer, but very clumsy on land. She has a friendly personality most of the time, and enjoys having her picture taken and showing off her singing voice at karaoke bars, although she isn’t used to singing in front of large crowds yet. Splash Woman’s singing voice also allows her to call fish robots to her aid so they can distract the target long enough for her to pierce them with her Laser Trident. Wily has also recently installed a new weapon into her trident, allowing it to fire high-pressure blasts of water mixed with the same energy as her trident that can split off into multiple directions; a powerful attack known as the Hydro Laser. Just like Tengu Man occupies the skies, Splash Woman is the new captain of the navy and underwater forces that have taken over the Jewelled Sea to gather intelligence, locate resources and also find exotic species of sea life for the CSM to put in their many aquariums to admire and show off.

DWN. 076 Chill Man – Chill Man was originally an arctic natural observation robot that would stop glacial melting caused by global warming, but was infected with the deadly Roboenza virus created by Dr. Wily to wreak havoc. He is a photography enthusiast that enjoys sharing his photos of the arctic on the internet to raise awareness of the importance of nature and capturing fun times he has so he can have good memories to look back to, but often times he can be bit too pre-occupied trying to get the perfect shot. Being an ice-based robot master, Chill Man can freeze the area around him to have manoeuvring edge over his enemy and can fire the Chill Spike; a weapon that causes spikes of ice to appear along surfaces that can not only skewer those that stand in its way, but also freeze objects and enemies. The CSM leaders believe that there may be ancient energy and other useful resources in the Snowy Wonderland, and order the cool robot photographer there to oversee mining operations there.

MKN. 001 Enker – Enker is the first of the Mega Man Killers, a special trio created by Dr. Wily with the sole intention of destroying Mega Man. His only real interest is destroying Mega Man (although he does also enjoy New Year’s Eve) and not much else beyond that, leaving him with a cold and very gloomy personality that makes him anti-social. Enker’s weapon is the Barrier Spear, a spear that allows him to absorb the attacks from enemies and convert them into the Mirror Buster, which depending on the amount of energy absorbed may be only a small shot or a large wave. Using this counter-attack is useful, but it also brings the risk of taking damage if not used carefully. Enker is currently in the Grandir Kingdom trying to find information regarding ancient energy.

MKN. 002 Punk – Punk is the second of the Mega Man Killers and a very tough robot master with strong defences. He believes that people should follow their own paths, and doesn’t like authority figures telling people off and controlling them. Contrary to his menacing appearance, he is respectful to those who can match his power and believes in fighting fair and square, and can accept a loss if he believes his opponent rightfully earned the victory. Punk can morph his body into a large spike ball that can ram into enemies like a wrecking ball. If that wasn’t enough, he has had his Screw Crusher weapon upgraded by Wily to become the Screw Grind, a fast-spinning saw blade that can magnetise to metal enemies and continue to shred them apart for a certain amount of time. Punk is ordered to explore the ruins in the Jungle Wilderness area.

MKN. 003 Ballade – Ballade is the third and last of the Mega Man Killers and also has an extra, more powerful form when the going gets tough. He has great pride and believes himself to be the strongest robot, and his greatest strength is his love and determination for taking on challenges, although this mindset makes him very simplistic. He likes to be the best, often proving himself by fighting robots he thinks look strong, and dislikes opponents with no competitive spirit. Ballade is good with physical combat and can also use the powerful explosive known as the Ballade Cracker, which is either thrown or placed as a mine. If he feels that he is in serious danger, he can activate his second form which gives increased power and upgrades his main weapon to the Ballade Crash, which can cause long-lasting explosions that can chain off to multiple enemies. Ballade was given the dead-end job of being the captain of a group of hidden robots occupying Freubun Park, disguised as various machines. For some unusual reason, Ballade keeps having recurring visions of himself self-destructing in front of Mega Man...

Doc Robot K-176 - A robot designed by Dr. Wily specifically for combat, this one’s weapons all came from the robot masters Wily sent out in his second attempt to rule the world. Due to having data from several robots, Doc Robot’s ‘personality’ is artificial and mish-mashed mess of different traits and attitudes that skip between one another like a broken record or occasionally combine to make barely coherent statements. Shadow Man knows of this robot and gets bad vibes from it, and it outright sends chills down Metal Man’s spine for reasons he doesn’t fully know. Doc Robot has been upgraded to wield even more weapons from robot masters that previously fought for a Wily, and Mega Man’s inevitable battle against him may require him to remember all the fights he’s had in the past on his many journeys. Doc Robot is the designated guardian of the CSM’s base in the Volcanic Wasteland.

Dark Man - An elite robot master created by Dr. Wily to not only serve as a commander for his army during the doctor’s fifth attempt to take over the world, but also to take revenge on Proto Man for betraying him by impersonating the red robot and kidnapping Dr. Light. Dark Man seems to have no true personality, and it’s unknown whether or not he does have one. Due to disguising as Proto Man and doing dirty deeds in his name, the prototype robot master absolutely despises Dark Man. Dark Man has several forms that each have their own weapons and tactics; shooting ring-shaped beams to paralyse enemies, creating electromagnetic barriers and a sniper cannon are all at his disposal. Apparently Wily has upgraded him to have a new ability, but what it could it be? Dark Man is the last line of defence for the CSM, and is in charge of protecting something big at the Infinitum Station in outer space.
Super Dream Party: Villains and Rivals
All the villains and rivals once again, this time with the robot masters added as well. Not much has changed for the descriptions of the villains and robot masters (I thought they were fine as they were); the more significant changes were for the rivals and the individual heads of the 10 Rampage which have been given a bit more. As for the whole deal with Magic Man, there's major spoilers and I'm sorry for that, and as for how he'll continue to fit in I've decided to implement a new element in the plot rather than replace him, which I hope will be interesting. 

So that's it for all the characters that already exist, and I'll now be working on the original characters for this idea. Hope you all look forward to that, and take care everybody ♥ 

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Adventure Time is owned by Cartoon Network.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by Hasbro.

Arcobaln belongs to me. 

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