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Holy Fuck.

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Team Fortress 2: All Star Battle | Soldier

~ Entrance ~

1. An explosion can be seen in the distance, and out comes forth a shadowy figure that reveals itself to be the Soldier upon landing. After landing on one knee, he looks up at the enemy, gets up and prepares himself for battle.

2. Soldier strolls in an upright position with his arms neatly folded behind his back, looking orderly. He turns to look at the enemy with a serious look, which then immediately changes to one of crazed bloodlust as he gets out his shovel and gets into his fighting position.

Vs Demoman – Soldier and Demoman glare each other from a distance before explosive jumping towards each other and clashing weapons (Equalizer for the Soldier and Eyelander for the Demoman) and growling at each other. They eventually push each other off and get ready to fight after landing.

Vs Merasmus – Merasmus floats in the air and chants incantations until a rocket flies towards him, making open his eyes and barely dodge the missile. Looking at the source of the attack he finds a grinning Soldier waving at him, pissing off the sorcerer and making him prepared to finally kill his former roommate once and for all.

~ Attacks ~


L – Face Punch
M – Shovel Hilt
H – Shovel Whack


L – Foot Poke
M – Shin Slice
H – Trench Digger

(In Air)

L – Elbow
M – Kick
H – Shovel Strike

~ Throws ~

Forward – Soldier grabs his enemy’s head and brutally snaps their neck! HUTTAH! ... Then he decides that it’s not how he wants his enemy to die, so he fixes their neck immediately afterwards.

Back – Soldier grabs the enemy’s collar and throws them onto their back behind him and then proceeds to punch them in the face twice before getting off.

~ Special ~

| Artillery | - S (Used during certain skills)

Some of Soldier’s skills involve the use of his signature rocket launcher. Used normally, he just uses it to batter people, but any skill that’s either performed with the S button or any skill where it can be pressed during the attack will make Soldier use it for its intended use and fire a rocket from it. The rocket causes an explosion that damages both Soldier and his foe, but Soldier is not knocked back from the force. He does however take the same amount of damage from explosions as his opponent; luckily the health lost from self-made explosions heals back overtime in the form of Red Health (explained below). The damage and knockback depends on how close either is to the explosions, and direct hits from the rocket are the deadliest.

| Red Health | (Passive)

Any damage that Soldier does to himself with rockets will make him lose health, but the amount lost will also leave a red gauge. The red health will automatically regenerate into regular health overtime unless Soldier is being hit or blocking attacks. Red health can also be used to make certain skills more powerful depending on how much there is, but Soldier will not regenerate the health back if he does so.

| Phantom Slayer | - F+H

Soldier turns around briefly before swinging his shovel in a wide arc that has high priority, has plenty of hitstun on the enemy and gets rid of any projectiles it hits (provided that they aren’t enhanced).


Soldier brings out a small Saxton Hale statue and whacks his enemy over the head with it, stunning them momentarily.

~ Skills ~

| Masochism | - QCF+S

Soldier pulls out his rocket launcher and aims it to the ground before leaning back, stretching out his arms and screaming loudly as he fires the ground. The explosion will knock back enemies giving the Soldier some space, but its other function is to give Soldier red health to fuel certain attacks. In fact, this skill gives Soldier more red health than any other skill.

| Instinctual Flight | - QCF+L

Soldier grabs out the Escape Plan before rushing forward and slashing with it. Holding the attack button down will make him charge red energy into it before rushing; this energy being the red health of the Soldier. The longer it’s charged, the more red health will be used and the more distance and speed Soldier will gain while rushing. Being charged to its full extent will cause Soldier to initiate the attack automatically, and the slash itself will cause the enemy to be momentarily stunned.

| Instinctual Fight | - QCF+M

Soldier grabs out the Equalizer and swings it downward onto his enemy in a wide arc. Just as with Instinctual Flight, holding the attack button down will make him charge it with red health. The longer it’s charged, the more range it will have and the more hits the attack will do. Being charged to its full extent will make the attack powerful enough to the bounce the enemy into the air from the impact.

| Nemesis Crash | - QCF+H

Soldier grabs out both the Escape Plan and the Equalizer and crosses his arms before slashing at the enemy in a cross pattern. Holding the attack button will charge it with red health; the longer it is charged, the more damage the attack will do. Being charged to its fullest extent will make the attack unblockable and incredibly powerful, but this requires more red health than any other attack.

| (Pick-Axe Follow-Ups) |

Instinctual Flight, Instinctual Fight and Nemesis Crash can all be followed up with additional attacks. First, he must use this skill:

Hasty Masochism – S ~ A much faster version of Masochism that doesn’t have a big enough explosion to knock enemies away nor does it give Soldier as much red health as the original, but it gives enough for the next attack that can be followed immediately from this action. Using one of three special moves after Hasty Masochism will have Soldier finish the technique in one of three ways:

Escape This! – QCF+L ~ Soldier use the Escape Plan once again to attack the enemy; this time he rushes past the enemy while slashing them, causing them to crumple.

Even the Odds! – QCF+M ~ Soldier use the Equalizer once again to attack the enemy; this time he swings into the air in front of him with the bloodied pick-axe, grabbing any enemy in the air and slamming them into the ground behind him.

Pragmatism! – QCF+H ~ Soldier ditch the pick-axes entirely, pull out his shotgun instead and fire at the enemy twice.

| Eagle Stripe | - DP+A

Soldier takes out his rocket launcher and points it downwards before grabbing the trigger handle in a reverse grip; he then ‘uppercuts’ with the launcher itself using only one hand and striking enemies with exhaust port. The light version has Soldier stay on the ground, the medium version has him jump a short distance into the air and the heavy version has him jump a higher distance into the air. This attack can be followed up twice:

Rocket Jump Rampage – S ~ This skill is used during the attack itself. Soldier fires a rocket from the launcher which propels both him and the enemy into the air, causing additional damage and hits. If this is used in the last moments of the medium or heavy versions of Eagle Stripe, the rocket can still hit enemies directly; if it misses though the explosion won’t propel Soldier very high at all.

Raptor Talon – QCB+A ~ This skill is used after Soldier does Rocket Jump Rampage. Soldier somehow equips the Gunboats in a split second and does an axe kick with them, smashing any enemy hit by it into the ground.

| Eagle Star | - Charge B, F+A

Soldier actually uses the rocket launcher how it is intended to be used and fires a rocket straight at his enemy. Hitting an enemy with rocket while close enough to them will have Soldier be pushed back and momentarily staggered while also losing some health (though it is red health); this means using the attack close to an enemy while they’re blocking can be leave Soldier wide open for attack.

| Raptor Eye | - Charge B, F+S

Soldier brings out the Direct Hit and fires at his enemy with it in much the same way he does with Eagle Star. The rockets from the Direct Hit are a lot faster and powerful, but have significantly smaller explosions. This skill uses up a certain amount of Critical Gauge in order to be executed.

| Boomstick Bruiser | - QCB+A

Soldier brings out his shotgun and swings down on the enemy with one hand. This can then be followed up with one of two skills:

Boomstick Blast – A ~ This is done simply by pressing one of the attack buttons after the swing; the light version makes Soldier fire the shotgun at the enemy’s feet, the medium version makes him fire the enemy’s torso and the heavy version make him fire diagonally into the air.

Madness Spike – QCB+S ~ Soldier quickly grabs out his rocket launcher and thrusts the opening into the enemy’s stomach before firing; the explosion sends both of them flying away and doing great damage.

| Rocket Jump X | - QCB+S

Soldier fires his rocket launcher diagonally-downwards behind him, sending him flying through the air at a fast pace towards the enemy.

| Rocket Jump Y | - DP+S

Soldier fires his rocket launcher downwards behind him, sending him flying up into the air at a fast pace.

| (Rocket Jump Follow-Ups) |

After Soldier uses Rocket Jump X or Rocket Jump Y, he can follow up with these attacks:

- Pressing the light attack will make soldier do an axe kick similar to Raptor Talon, albeit with his normal shoes on.
- Pressing the medium attack will make Soldier thrusts his shovel diagonally downwards.
- Pressing the heavy attack will make Soldier reach out and attempt to grab the enemy’s face. If he is successful, Soldier will slam their head into the ground before getting out his shotgun and firing at their chest.

Raptor Dive – QCF+S ~ Soldier will fire his rocket launcher diagonally downwards. If Soldier misses he will be caught in the explosion and blasted off his feet. If he hits, Soldier will simply bounce off the explosion with little harm.

| Triumphant Trumpet | - D, D, D+S (One full bar of Critical Gauge required)

Soldier will bring the Buff Banner out and blow on the horn, raising the flag that signals the American madman is prepared to seriously kick ass. In this state, Soldier’s attacks will do more damage, and any health lost from enemy attacks becomes red health. The amount of time he will be in this state is dependent on how many full bars of the Critical Gauge there are.

~ Critical Kill Attack ~

| Patriotic Punisher | - DP+2A

Soldier will grin maniacally before doing the Rocket Jump Rampage and blasting high into the air; if this hits the enemy they will also be knocked up, but Soldier will be above them. Soldier then proceeds to fire three more rockets downwards, riddling the ground with explosions or blowing the enemy up several times.

~ Absolute Kill Attack ~

| Kamikaze | - DP+3A

Soldier screams loudly and reaches out at the enemy with both hands; if he grabs them he will headbutt the enemy, making them dazed. Soldier then cracks his knuckles and grabs the two hand grenades from his bandolier while saying something along the lines of “C’mere, cupcake!”. He then uppercuts with his right fist, causing the grenade to explode and sending the enemy soaring into the air. From the explosion comes forth the Soldier, pursuing the enemy further still. When he finally reaches them he smiles before punching them with his left fist, causing the second grenade to explode. Soldier and his nemesis then fall to ground, both brutally hurt, but only one of them is really bothered by this.

~ Taunts ~

1. Soldier screams loudly in different directions and then proceeds to bang his helmet with his shovel.

2. Soldier juggles his grenade and a spare rocket while laughing maniacally or shouting “Screamin’ Eagles!”.

~ Poses ~

1. Soldier stands erect and salutes while looking off to the side.

2. Soldier beats his chest and yells in a manner similar to Tarzan.

3. Soldier salutes with his shotgun, pointing it into the air and firing it.

4. Soldier smiles happily as he points to himself with his thumb.

5. Soldier keeps his hands together behind his back while looking down with a stern look.

~ Time Up ~

Soldier falls to his knees and screams loudly into the sky before slamming his fist on the ground.

~ Victory ~

1. Soldier mockingly salutes by making a ‘loser’ sign on his forehead while giving the camera a dirty look.

2. Soldier points at himself with his thumb while making what can best be described as the ultimate troll smile.

3. Soldier has one foot on a bag of coffee beans, a fist on his hip, a mug of coffee in the other hand and a look on his face that says clear as day ‘Victory’.

~ Costumes ~

1. Regular.

2. Tank Buster.

3. Airborne Armaments.

4. Dumpster Diver.

5. Federal Express.

~ Legend ~

(Attack Buttons)
A – Any Attack
2A – Any 2 Attacks
3A – All 3 Attacks
L – Light Attack
M – Medium Attack
H – Heavy Attack
S – Style
T – Taunt

(Directional Inputs)
U – Up
D – Down
B – Back
F – Forward

(Joystick Combinations)
QCF – Quarter-Circle Forward (D, DF, F)
QCB – Quarter-Circle Back (D, DB, B)
DP – Dragon Punch (F, D, DF)
RDP – Reverse Dragon Punch (B, D, DB)
HCF – Half-Circle Forward (B, DB, D, DF, F)
HCB – Half-Circle Back (F, DF, D, DB, B)
Team Fortress 2: All Star Battle | Soldier Moveset
The American sociopath makes his entrance! Sorry if this took a bit longer than it should, but I was a bit caught up with uni work. Anyway, I'm going to try make this whole moveset thing a more frequent and common activity for me on this site; I honestly feel the most accomplished and proud of myself whenever I make movesets for characters not originally from fighting games. Things like win quotes and Super Stand Bros. are pretty fun, easy to do and well received, sure, but I admit they get a bit tedious and quite a lot of the time actually I'd rather be doing these than anything else. I'm sorry to anyone that doesn't really care about this kind of thing, but it's just how I feel is all.

As for Soldiers moveset, my first thought for him was the shoto type: people like Ryu, Demitri Maximoff, Sol Badguy, Ragna the Bloodedge, Jago and whatnot. The reason behind this was due to his rocket launcher serving as both a good means as a projectile and an anti-air uppercut like move, and the fact that he's considered the most balanced and easy to learn class in TF2. I suppose it also helps that he's practically a creator's pet, what with all the weapons he always gets before anyone else and the amount of screentime he gets in comics effectively making him more like the mascot of TF2 than Heavy. Nothing much in the moveset that really needs explaining, it's all pretty standard fair; the abundance of follow-ups was mostly inspired by Sol and Ragna's movesets. Admittedly, the whole red health gimmick and rockets make him pretty high risk high reward for a shoto, but it fits with the character well enough and it makes for a nice mix-up of the trope.

Hope you all enjoyed this and if you've got any suggestions on how to improve, feel free to let me know. Next up for this series is the bastard of Boston, the Scout. Until then, take care everybody <3

Team Fortress 2 belongs to Valve 

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is created by Hirohiko Araki, currently belongs to Ultra Jump and is published by Shueisha 

All Star Battle was developed by CyberConnect2

I own nothing.
Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared X Five Nights at Freddy’s: Holistic Double Dunk Dandy

a jug of gazelle venom

ESRB Rating:
Not for ages 12 or under or over

i think me. i’ll go check again to make sure


Number of players:
however many can fit in a pillow

Release Date:
19th June 1987

~ Da Plot ~

The worlds of Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared and Five Nights at Freddy’s merge into one I suppose. The three puppets, Red Puppet (Harry), Green Bird (Robin) and Yellow Guy (Manny) end up meeting with the security guard Mike Schmidt. Despite the creepy appearances, Mike learns that the puppets are friendly and only want to go about their day in peace; a liberty neither of them can seem to obtain. Haunted by two twisted ‘teachers’ and a band of murderous animatronics, Mike and his new pals set to finally confront their horrors together and rid themselves and the world of their malice. People beat each other up.

~ De Gameplay ~

The characters hit each other very hard until one of them falls asleep.

~ Der Modes ~

Arcade – I didn’t even know they still had these.

Story – Not tonight dear, mommy’s too tired.

Versus – I thought violence would be the answer.

Survival – The good guys are surprisingly good at this.

Time Attack – TONY PLEASE

Training – You can’t do anything without a proper breakfast

Gallery – I found it near a possum carcass.

Options – You only have one.

~ Di Fighters ~

Red Puppet (Manny)
Green Bird (Robin)
Yellow Guy (Manny)
Sketchbook (Sketchpad, Notebook, Notepad, Paige)
Tony The Talking Clock

| FNAF |
Mike Schmidt The Security Guard
Freddy Fazbear
Chica The Chicken
Bonnie The Bunny
Foxy The Pirate Fox

| Supporting Cast |
Roy (Manny’s Dad)
Phone Guy

| Final Boss |
Golden Freddy

~ Du Stages ~

Dining Area
Living Room
Creativity Explosion
Victoria Street
Camping Woods
Journey Through Time

| FNAF |
The Office
Show Stage
Dining Area
Pirate Cove

| Other |
White Space (Bad Things That Could Happen)
Lun Infinus Station (The Desolate Hope)

Please leave. This is not your house.
oh no
Originally this was just gonna be a short fighting game concept with only FNAF called "Five Fights at Freddy's", but decided that since the two fandoms get along well and DHMIS fits well enough I decided for a crossover instead. This was a terrible idea to begin with; I don't even know what the hell 'Holistic Double Dunk Dandy' even means. Since there's meant to be a new video for DHMIS coming out soonish I'll update this for when it comes and actually take it seriously. It's almost 1 AM here.

Sketchbook: Now let's all agree: to never be, creative again. *SHUTS*

Don't Hug Me I'm Scared belongs to This Is It Collective.

Five Nights at Freddy's belongs to Scott Cawthon Games.

I got tagged by redrojo17 who obviously doesn't love me anymore.

This is how it works:

- list 5 opinions you think are unpopular
- tag people (except no)
- and a sandwich, Nope. Swedish cider and chocolate vodka to numb the feeling of heartbreak.

1. I think they should totally remake Sonic R or something similar to it. However much crap it gets I thought it had a lot of potential and could possibly make for a really interesting game. Sure we got the Riders series and Sega All-Stars series, but the idea of Sonic characters racing on foot (or vehicles in some cases) sounds more fitting. At the very least re-release the game on PSN and stuff but with better controls, clearer directions, updated graphics and more characters and tracks. Also, the soundtrack was fucking amazing. I will never understand why people shit on Sonic R's soundtrack; it's beautifully done, and while it may not fit with the stages in the same ways the ost for previous games did, it still captures the feel-good joy and spirit that the Sonic series is all about. I think the concept of Sonic R is something Sega should look into exploring again.

2. I hate it when there's blatant fanbase pandering in My Little Pony, I really do. Bronies will say "it just shows they care and are willing to listen!", yeah to you maybe, but what about all the other people that prefer to watch to show for the show instead of whatever the fanbase thinks should be in there? I like characters like Derpy Hooves, Vinyl Scratch and other popular background ponies, don't get me wrong, but that's how they should stay; as background ponies, and not overemphasised cameos. The worst case would have to be the Equestria Girls nonsense, especially that one thing for Rainbow Rocks that had Vinyl Scratch doing random shit that has absolutely no purpose than to jack off entitled brony schweens. It's also the reason why I can't get into the IDW comics; it's just too far apart from the cartoon that I loved to watch for what it was, and not what others thought were the highlights. Don't get me wrong, I still love the MLP fanbase in spite of all the bad eggs, the fanworks and the popular side characters, but I just don't won't the cartoon to end up losing what made it special in favour of cheap references.

3. I could never get into Marvel vs Capcom 2. It's probably because by the time I got around to playing it I had already played games like Tatsunoko vs Capcom and Blazblue that were more complex and polished. I don't want to really give the game shit though because at the time of the release it was probably amazing and still is to certain people that just aren't me I guess. Marvel vs Capcom 3 on the other hand I have no qualms with calling it a complete letdown. The roster was questionable, certain mechanics from Tatsunoko vs Capcom like the Baroque and Crash thing were taken out in favour of a bullshit X-factor comeback mechanic and overall it just feels incomplete. There's a lack of modes, lack of unlockable content and even things small things feel underwhelming in comparison to TvC: the endings were only two short comic panels and were mostly just crossover references and there's not nearly as much effort with the win quotes as there's no longer individual quotes against every character from a character. Maybe I should just take it as it is, but in comparison to Tatsunoko vs Capcom, one of my favourite games of all time, it really just feels underwhelming and disappointing, same goes for Ultimate MvC3 too.

4.I didn't find the Subspace Emissary in Super Smash Bros. Brawl very enjoyable at all. I enjoy a rich single player experience, and I totally digged the adventure mode in Melee, but I think there were so many better ways to implement something like a platformer adventure thing than what we got in Brawl. The levels dragged on a bit too long, some of the enemies were really irritating to fight and there was a bit of backtracking that I could barely stand. I thought the story itself wasn't too bad, but I don't really like the way some of them are introduced, with the most blatant being Sonic conveniently showing up at the end. The worst part would probably be the fact that ultimately, King Dedede of all people ends up being the one who saves the day; people give Sakurai shit for supposedly putting in too many reps from series he's worked on himself in the new Smash Bros. (even though Dark Pit was made playable as an afterthought), but when you have a character that you yourself are voicing and having them be the saviour in spite of how unlikely that character is of having such a role, that's something else entirely. In the end, Subspace Emissary dragged on way too long, and I for one am glad that it's not in the new SSB.

5. There were many things wrong with Part 3 of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Stardust Crusaders, and in spite of how much I like it, I think it is far from being the best part of the series. First off is the characters; Jotaro Kujo is second only to Giorno Giovanna of Part 5 in mary sue-ness. He's incredibly powerful to the point that he kills a time-stopper by magically and conveniently gaining the power to stop time himself, is incredibly popular and respected either for his incredible power even after only recently getting it, manages to be one of the most cunning and tactical thinkers of the crew and has tons of girls swooning in his presence, both in fiction and in real life; all that and his personality and character boils down to cold-hearted badass that doesn't take shit from anyone, and doesn't in any way at all develop into anything particularly interesting. This is all made worse by how much more interesting and more personable the other characters in the group are. Jean Pierre Polnareff is the best example since he ends up having the most character and development out of all of them despite being the second-last one to join the crew. At first it would sound good that an ally of the main protagonist would get so much development, but I don't think so if everyone else including the main protagonist end up barely getting any notable development. Joseph Joestar returns, but now instead of being incredibly awesome yet reasonably flawed, he's just become a comic relief and exposition fairy that doesn't do much apart from exclaim surprise and shock at everything; I get that he's getting older but seriously. I don't really have anything against Kakyoin, Avdol or Iggy; I think they're all likable and interesting characters with a lot of potential both for fighting and for personality. The problem is they barely got any screen time, and that's definitely one of the worst parts of Stardust Crusaders, the screen time distribution. It may as well be called the Jotaro & Polnareff show; I mean I get that the main hero would get plenty of focus, but Jotaro is almost flawless in everything he does and makes the rest of the gang look like idiots by comparison. The rest of the gang ends up coming off as situational baggage as a result and makes me wonder why they were even introduced in the first place if they were just going to be overshadowed by two characters. Next we the villains, and while plenty of them have interesting personalities, they don't have a lot of background and a lot of them only appear for a short time. It ends up becoming a 'monster of the week' progression of plot advancement, which is particularly jarring considering how interesting Battle Tendency was with the conflicts between the heroes and the villains (that were way more focused and in-depth). This trend also passes on as far as even Steel Ball Run, where there are still plenty of villains that appear only to get beaten by the good guys and then the plot just goes on like that. A lack of background information in general is an overall problem of Part 3, both for the heroes and the villains; we never got to know much about Jotaro's father, and the supporting gang don't have much back story to make them feel really special compared to the previous parts characters. Once again, I do like Stardust Crusaders, characters and fights included, but there's just so much wasted potential that really bothers me.

Not tagging anyone as always.
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Super Stand Bros. | Bowser Jr.

Stand Name ~ Corona Mountain

Stand User Name ~ Bowser Jr. Sagoian Koopa

Type ~ Long-Range

Appearance |

- Body shape is like a cross between a tyrannosaurus and a tortoise
- Roughly the same size (possibly a bit bigger) as an average human child
- Bulky frame
- Chubby
- Covered in yellow scales with the exception of its underbelly, head and back
- Tan underbelly that’s ribbed and padded
- Back is covered by a large, green shell with numerous spikes that have orange spike rings
- 4 claws on each of its padded feet
- 4 claw-tipped fingers and thumb on each hand
- Black collars around the wrists that have patterns of clowns making silly faces and goofy, smiling bombs
- White bandana with a drawing of a mouth full of large fangs that looks like it was done by a little kid
- Head can be best described as a stockier tyrannosaurus head
- Snout is tan while rest of the head is light-green
- Bright, fiery red-orange hair tied up into a top-ponytail; bushy eyebrows of the same colour
- Two very small horns on each side of head
- Beady black eyes
- Mouth is full of small, sharp fangs that have a light-red glow at the centre; one fang is always seen on the left side corner of its mouth
- Usual expression can be interpreted as cheeky

Statistics |

- Destructive Power ~ B
- Speed ~ C
- Range ~ B
- Durability ~ D
- Precision ~ C
- Development Potential ~ A

Abilities |

- Shell Defence ~ Corona Mountain can hide inside of its tough shell to shield from attacks  

- Koopa Clown Car ~ The main ability of Corona Mountain. This stand is relatively weak on its own, but it can transform any mechanical device it slashes with its claws into a sort of sub-stand known as the Koopa Clown Car. The Koopa Clown Car, despite being called a car, is more of a helicopter-like vehicle. It can best be described as large white bowl with a smaller green-coloured opening at the top, with a four-bladed propeller beneath that is also green; the main feature is the large cartoony face on it defined by two large beady black eyes with a small red oval on the left and right sides of both eyes and a large dark-tanned mouth; the expression of the face matches the mood of the stand user, and is usually sporting a wicked smile. The size of this machine depends on how big and complex the device Corona Mountain slashed. If the device is big and complex enough, the Koopa Clown Car will be capable of forming different mechanical tools, weapons and even explosives from itself. The mouth of the machine can also suck in metal and make itself grow even larger. An ability that starts off as weak but can become powerful enough give even the strongest stands some trouble.

- Eldritch Paintbrush ~ A powerful ability that the stand user is not fully aware of. Corona Mountain is capable of summoning a large paintbrush that can paint surfaces with a strange substance that constantly changes colour; abstract and otherworldly creatures can then come forth from this substance and be ordered to perform tasks by the summoner. It can also be used to paint the stand and its user to disguise itself as another person. This ability seems to be available sometimes and then gone other times, perhaps implying that it may not actually be of the stand user’s power...

Applications |

- Clown Toolbox ~ When at close range with an enemy, Corona Mountain can make the Koopa Clown Car pull out various melee weapons such as hammers, drills, claws, boxing gloves and wrecking balls to smash enemies.

- Clown Cannon ~ For long range combat against and enemy, the Koopa Clown Car can open its mouth to reveal a cannon that shoots powerful cannonballs, however this results in a loss of metal for the KCC and thus makes it weaker.

- Clown Kart Dash ~ The Koopa Clown Car can sprout wheels and drive off at high speeds allowing for quick escapes or pursuits. If the machine used to make KCC was something like a car to begin with this transformation will happen faster.

- Abandon Ship! ~ If the user of Corona Mountain feels like the Koopa Clown Car they are currently in is no longer reliable, they can abandon it and create a new one; this will result in the automatic destruction of the KCC, where it explodes into pieces and making it a good offensive technique as well.

- Mechakoopa ~ This little weapon can only be used effectively if the Koopa Clown Car has a lot of metal and is capable of advanced structure building. These robots are designed to match the appearance of Corona Mountain or Tyrant Castle, and will march towards the designated target and attempt to pummel them before exploding.

- Overdark ~ The only application that Corona Mountain’s user is capable of doing at his age using the Eldritch Paintbrush ability is to disguise himself and his stand as Mario and Overworld, where they then use the facade to create havoc with the paintbrush’s summoning abilities while simultaneously ruining the reputation of an otherwise incredibly reliable and respected individual. Bowser Jr. Thinks this ability is cool and it’s all fun and games, but doesn’t fully realize how dangerous this power truly is for everyone.
Super Stand Bros. | Bowser Jr.
It's the son of the Koopa King himself, Bowser Jr. and his Koopa Clown Car! He's a brat that I don't really care for but hey he's in Smash so I'm obligated to do this! I just want to say that it's kinda awkward with this stand that there's Bowser Jr. and his car-helicopter thing, and yet they're both part of the same stand; I guess you could think of it like Killer Queen and Sheer Heart Attack from JJBA Diamond is Unbreakable. Also, one little in-universe piece of information that is not too relevant but I thought I'd throw it in here: Overworld's Water Creation technique, Dark Moon Mansion's Vacuum ability and Corona Mountain's Eldritch Paintbrush ability where all discovered by Professor E. Gadd, a scientist who though not a stand user himself dedicates his life to researching stands and their possible origins. He's good friends with Mario and especially Luigi, but he was tricked by Bowser Jr. as he wasn't aware that he was the son of the infamous Bowser and assumed him to be a misunderstood child, not realizing what kind of kid he really was until too late.

As for the abilities of Corona Mountain, I was originally going to do a metal and mineral magnetism ability to both give a good explanation of how the Koopa Clown Car is created and to link the stand to Tyrant Castle, but decided this was too contrived an unnecessary and decided to basically make it a more variable version of the Wheel of Fortune stand from Stardust Crusaders. With this I didn't have to do any real pseudo-scientific babble to try justify the applications based off special moves from the game, and honestly given the kind of series this entire concept is based is well, bizarre, I shouldn't of really had to do this in the first place. The Eldritch Paintbrush is unfitting with the Koopa Clown Car, but it makes enough sense for Bowser Jr. and so there it is.

I'm sorry if these last few stands seem to feel a bit unoriginal, but I feel it's sorta justified since the last two stands were basically alternate versions of existing characters and this one is the son of an existing character, so of course they would have similar appearances and abilities. Up next for the series is the one you've all been waiting for, the glorious Wario! WAA-HA-HAAAAA!!! Until then, take care everybody <3

Super Mario Bros. and Super Smash Bros. belong to Nintendo.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is created by Hirohiko Araki, currently belongs to Ultra Jump and is published by Shueisha.

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