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Now this is fucking cool. An awesome part of my childhood combined with another part of my childhood that was also great? Hot diggity-damn! I think what's really great about this is that from the looks of it it's not just gonna be a reskin of Tekken and there'll be plenty of unique features. It almost looks like a cross between Tekken and games like Street Fighter (and don't give me "what about Street Fighter X Tekken?" because that was pretty much just Street Fighter with butchered Tekken characters and bullshit gimmicks) and I like the idea of a Tekken-style fighting game utilizing more extraordinary moves. The trailer is only made better by the music being what seems to be a remix of Finalizer from Tekken 5, a theme that I fucking love and one of my favourite final boss themes; the ominous and subtle feel to it makes it calm yet conveys the feeling of impending doom just as well, and it almost makes it worth it to keep fighting that fucking cheap asshole Jinpachi. I don't what kind of pokemon are gonna be in this game, but I've got my fingers crossed for Eevee, who I think might make a cool Lei Wulong style character that can alternate between Eeveelutions as though they were stances. First Hyrule Warriors and now this? I wonder what other kind of collabs Nintendo can make; maybe a hack 'n' slash action game like Bayonetta or Metal Gear Rising featuring Samus, or perhaps even a legitimate platformer crossover between Mario and Sonic for once? The possibilities are endless!

Meanwhile for the other Nintendo fighting game that everyone's hyped for, I'm super happy about all the info Sakurai has provided via Miiverse posts about the kind of stuff we can expect to see in the 3DS version. It's so awesome to see so much effort and love put into a game, and this kind of attitude towards video game development is exactly why I love Nintendo. Also, I don't for a second believe in the 'leaks' that have been going around. If that bullshit turns out to be true, then I'll post a video on here of me eating a whole jar of vegemite.

Until my next post, take care everybody <3
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